Top Hospitality Spot by Chris Burch

Top Hospitality Spot by Chris Burch

What comes to your mind when you hear the beach? You will be induced with a thought of relaxation, natural splendor, and beautiful scenery. Also, the service industry that is associated with such an environment is the hospitality industry. In thinking about this industry, you can not avoid Chris Burch, an active investor. Chris Burch is the founder and executive officer of Burch Creative Capital whose investment portfolio spans consumer products and services. Hospitality industry happens to be one of the investment portfolios.

Burch bought a Resort in 2012

In 2015, Chris Burch renovated the resort, and it took the hospitality industry by a storm. The infamous Nihiwatu resort was named by a top magazine – Travel & Leisure. Nihiwatu now a top vacation destination was started way back in 1988 by Claude and Petra Graves to cater for surfers. Now it is an exciting place to marvel at. Nihiwatu resort is located on Nihi Sumba island as a boat to the ocean. This puts the resort on a path to the enchanting beauty that is natural and irreplaceable. Sumba foundation comes in handy in partnership to extend support in protecting crucial delicate culture.

What can you expect at Nihi? For a price range of $750 to $14000 per night expect a plunge in each of the 27 private villas, three treehouses that have magnificent views. And in this serene lifestyle, there is the comfort of private butlers. You also can underestimate the satisfaction of an appetite with good food – food from organic gardens within the island. With the ocean being very accessible, seafood is easily caught and prepared. Drinks are stocked in every mini bar daily with chocolates from the in-house factory. So, this aims to put the experience soaring even with effects of a spa (

If you go to Nihiwatu, your spirit will be refreshed courtesy of a therapeutic affair – spa. This treat offers you a drive or walks into a Sumba village where you get to know the Sumba culture, serving of meals next to the ocean, a refreshing dip into the ocean and climaxing this treat with pampering with various treatments. The intentions of the earlier developers cannot be ignored as surfers are given a chance to learn and enjoy their skills as waves rock. Do you not know how to surf? Nihiwatu gives surfing lessons to those who want to know the skill. Check for an additional article.

Chris Burch`s projects bring something new in the face of people and the market. Expect more from Burch much more close to North America that aim millennial satisfaction.