The success Journey of the Veteran Entrepreneur Chris Burch

Christopher Burch is the chief executive officer of the Burch Creative Capital. He has excellent entrepreneurial values and vision for potential new market opportunities. Burch has four decades experience in investment and entrepreneurship and has contributed to the growth of over 50 companies. Burch Creative Capital have a diverse portfolio and is currently a participant in the branding of various lifestyle and consumer products. He has helped establish companies in the technology industries, fashion and hospitality. In 2004, he co-founded Tory Burch LLC a fashion company with his wife Tory Burch who is a fashion designer. He is also a managing partner of Global Research Capital LLC.

Chris was born and raised in Pennsylvania. He was not a good learner in school since he had severe attention deficit disorder. His parents took him to a special school Tilton Prep School based in New Hampshire at the age of 14. During summer, Chris worked in construction sites after school to make a living. In 1976, he joined the Ithaca College as an undergraduate student. He started selling sweaters to campus girls door to door. While still in college, he partnered with his brother to launch an apparel company, Eagle’s eye with a capital of 2,000 dollars. The company became successful, and in 1998 they sold it to the Swire group in the United Kingdom at 160 million dollars.

In 2012, Chris merged with his friend James McBride, a hotelier and launched a luxury resort with 27 villas. His vision is to expand the Nihi hotels and grow its roots in North America. In 2011, he established C. wonder, a company that dealt with accessories, fashion and interior décor. He has also partnered with Ellen DeGeneres, an entertainer to start a lifestyle brand. He also served as the president of the Pierre hotel cooperative board. Some of the companies that Burch has worked with include; Chubbies, Brads Raw foods and Little Duck Organs (

Apart from business and investment, Chris Burch likes giving back to the community. He works with Sumba Foundation which is aided by Nihi Sumba islands profits ( The foundation provides education, nutrition, safe water and support community-based projects. He also supports medical training activities carried out by New York Langone and the Mount Sinai hospital in New York. Chris Burch also contributes to several charities in Asia including; the China association of social work, the child welfare league of China, the Henry Street and many other charities.