The Philanthropy of Dick DeVos and His Wife Betsy

In a recent discussion, Betsy DeVos talked about various charitable activities that her and her husband have participated in. The main philanthropic activity that Betsy has made considerable contributions in is education. For many years, Betsy has looked to help reform the education system where all young students can get the best learning experience possible. She has made progress to help provide vouchers to those who are looking to get the education they want and need. With this program, students will have a very dependable source of funding for private education. As a result, Betsy has been able to allow students to get the most out of their education experience.


The charitable contributions made by Betsy DeVos are just some of the many she and her husband make to the community. Betsy’s husband Dick DeVos has been a well known philanthropist for many years. During his career, DeVos would use a considerable amount of his funds to help make the community a better place. He has made a number of contributions to causes such as education, business development and also performing arts. These charitable activities have helped enhance the development of the community as well as the economy. As a result of making these contributions, Dick DeVos has established himself as one of the most giving people in the United States.


One of the most notable charitable contributions that Dick DeVos has made is towards education. While his wife has looked to provide public funding vouchers for education, Dick has provided funds for business education. Over the years, Dick DeVos has given lots of money to business students so that they can complete a Master of Business Administration degree. With this charitable activity, DeVos has helped a number of aspiring business leaders get educational credentials they need in order to advance their career.


Another one of Dick DeVos’ charitable contributions has been for business development, During his lifetime, Dick has provide funding to a number of businesses who are looking to either start up or expand. He has provided them with money so that they can get the resources necessary to reach their full potential. DeVos has given a considerable amount of funds to help companies get office space, inventory, and equipment and for advertising. As a result of these contributions for business development, a number of companies have been able to succeed and make a positive impact on the overall economy.