Success of Chris Burch

Chris Burch is a successful business person that has ventured into lots of different businesses. His entrepreneurial skills developed when working with his father in construction. Burch utilizes every opportunity of making money, and through the passion and attitude towards business, he has been excelling in businesses. Moreover, he is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. This firm specializes in investments and brand development. Chris Burch is the co-founder of numerous business ventures that has led him to be on the billionaires’ list. Most of the business ventures of Chris Burch comprised real estate, hotels, fashion industry and resorts.

He has a vast experience in the business industries of approximately 40 years. Chris Burch has contributed towards the growth and success of more than 50 companies. As an international hotelier, Mr. Burch bought Nihi Sumba Hotels. Since the year he acquired the ownership of Nihi it changed and became the leading resort globally, check The resort is strategically located in a serene environment which is appropriate for the visitors both international and domestic ones.

The name Nihiwatu means “mortar stone” a name given by the settlers since it has an isolated rock formation at the beach. The acquisition of the Nihiwatu resort in 1998 by Claude, and in 2012 Chris Burch joined in to help the expansion of the resort. The resort is found on the island of Sumba that upon visiting the resort clients get a memorable experience from the services and activities. Most interesting is that the resort has a beautiful surrounding both jungle and beach making it a preferred destination for outdoor activities.

Chris Burch has transformed the beauty of the Nihiwatu resort by constructing villas with teak wood and natural stones. To increase the visitors’ experience while at the Nihi Sumba, there are experienced and skilled guides to offer guided tours to all the tourists. Furthermore, the accommodation type is diverse because each person can choose his or her preferred type based on the budget (

Besides his career, Chris Burch is a philanthropist that wishes success for other people. He loves giving back to the society by supporting the Sumba Foundation which offers humanitarian aid to Sumba community. Also, he works together with other charitable organizations worldwide to ensure the welfare of all people. Therefore, it is evident that Chris Burch is a successful entrepreneur that has ventured to lots of businesses as well providing support to the society.