Stream Energy Offers Customers Clean Energy Solutions

Global warming in Texas affects agriculture and the overall climate. One company named Stream Energy is offering customers solutions through their energy services. Drought is a big problem with farming being a major industry in Texas. Drought over the last several years has caused crop and farming losses.

Heat waves are another result of global warming in Texas. Floods and heavy rains wipe out crops on farms. One way that Stream Energy addresses the problem is by offering customer alternative energy sources. Clean renewable energy does not cause climate change. Learn more about Stream Energy at

One program Stream Energy offers is the Smart Water Saver Green and Clean Plan. The plans saves customers energy in their home and water using their special sprinkler system. The sprinkler eliminates over watering. It only supplies water when needed. This reduces usage by 50%.

This sprinkler will replace your current timer and the wires will plug easily into your SkyDrop controller. It can be set up using your WiFi. After it is connected you can control your sprinkler from a smartphone or a computer. Its cloud service monitors the weather to control the sprinkler system effectively.



This is how customers save on water usage when watering gardens or lawns. Many sprinkling systems over use water The company recently appointed David Faranetta as CEO and Vice President of Stream Energy He will be in charge of monitoring the growth of the company, improving customer relations, and employee satisfaction.

He has many years of experience in the energy industry. David Faranetta worked at TXU Energy. He improved customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction during his time at these companies. He was one of the founders of a company called Luminant. The company made electrical generators that were wholesale.

During his time at these companies, he increased profits for each company, and improved employee retention. With his leadership Stream Energy will continue to expand and provide clean energy solutions to Texas and other states. Learn more at Weekly Opinion about Stream Energy.