Securus Technologies Preventing Drugs in the Prison

One of my responsibilities as a corrections officer in my prison is making sure no drugs get into the hands of the inmates. Each time we hear about another incident where an inmate was high and hurt an officer or inmate, it reflects poorly on me and my team. Although we have many resources available to use to help control the flow of said drugs, one new resource has really given us the ability to go from being reactive to proactive on these issues.


Securus Technologies is a large Dallas-based call monitoring company that placed inmate phone systems in over 2,600 jails around this country. The thousand employees working for Securus Technologies are all working tirelessly towards the objective of making our world safer. Once we were taught how to use the LBS software, we realized quickly that we now had the ability to really crack down on drug issues.


The biggest reason that my teams like the call monitoring system is that the software does the work of many officers so that we can put my team in other areas and focus on the problem on multiple fronts. This allows us to really triple my staff without adding a single person because the call monitoring system will alert us the second there is any chatter concerning drugs.


This month already, we have been alerted to calls where an inmate was talking to someone about bringing drugs through the visitor center. We hear things like inmates telling family members to slip them some prescription medication during visits. We hear inmates telling family how to coat letters with liquefied drugs and drop in the mail. Each time we get these alerts, we take measures to be in that position to eliminate any chance of those drugs ever getting to the inmates.