Securus Challenges GTL

Securus Technologies, known as a technological giant for law enforcement agencies and correctional institutions in the United States, has issued a challenge to Global Tel Link, their main competitor in this niche market. Securus wants to settle the dispute about which of the two tech companies has the largest set of offerings to their clients, which is the most technologically sophisticated, and which has the best relationship between staff and customer.

Richard A. Smith, CEO at Securus Technologies, claimed that GTL has relied upon the tricks of lawyers in order to maintain their claims that they provide services and products focused around inmate communication that are as good as their own. Smith claims to want an impartial judgment to determine the differences between either corporation. With more than $670 million invested in the expansion and development of Securus, and GTL investing less than 10% of that, the comparability of the two seems quite low.

From investigations into their shared consumer bases and have learned that many correctional facilities have left GTL in recent years for the offerings at Securus. A main draw is their Voice Over Internet Protocol platforms that are routinely serviced with updates and maintenance, connecting them with ease to other facilities. But the biggest reason for leaving seemed to be Securus’ commitment to customer service, economic pricing, and commitment to adapting new technologies as per the needs of their customers and the demands of the correctional field. Their video visitation software speaks to this meeting of demands as does their sophisticated inmate phone calls platform. Learn more about their video technology here:

Smith claims that while these respondents verify his claims that Securus is a superior provider of tech solutions, there are also concrete numbers to back them up. In a ratio of gains and loses between the companies, Securus has the upper hand, gaining $2.74 from lost GTL business. GTL, however, only has gains $1.00 in business from former Securus customers. This shows a clear preference in spending in favor of Securus. 

Though the offer has been extended to GTL to take part in a technology bake off to display the truth behind their numbers, Smith expects the competition to politely decline the offer, which is what their competitor has done.

Their reach affects the daily lives of 1.2 million inmates and the staff who police and monitor them with their communication platforms, biometric analyses and technological solutions that foster a relatively safe environment that also benefits the surrounding area.

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