Roseann Bennett Works As A Therapist For Couples And Families

It takes a lot of work and patience to be a good therapist and Roseann Bennett has learned this through years and years of practice. Today, Roseann is a professional therapist that counsels families and couples through virtually everything, including case management and crisis planning. With more than a decade of experience behind her, Roseann has worked with individuals from all different cultures and races and says it helps give her perspective when dealing with all the challenges that life has to offer.


Focused primarily in New Jersey, Roseann Bennett works as an in-home therapist for families and especially kids throughout Hunterdon, Somerset, and Warren. Roseann has been asked many times on what made her choose her career and why she opened her center to the public.


In the beginning and still today, her mission is to help people through the struggles in life and the many conflicts that come to pass that are both inside and outside of their control. Roseann’s center is categorized as a charitable organization that was founded to help individuals, families, and couples from all walks of life.


Roseann Bennett was focused on outpatient therapy for a time, however, this caused the wait times for people seeking help to increase for the normal time of six months to almost nine months instead. This, in turn, caused many people to come back because they did not receive any follow-up therapy. This is why Roseann Bennett focuses on in-home therapy. Go To This Page to learn more.


Despite the many challenges or starting up her center and keeping it going, Roseann believes the effort is worth it. The Center for Assessment and Treatment is an organization that partly relies on charitable funding as it is not subsidized or backed by any large assets.


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