Randall Nardone: Leading Fortress Investment Group Into The Future

As the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, Randall Nardone is able to draw on his past experiences to lead the company into the future. He has amassed decades of experience in the financial sector and he is one of the most well regarded professionals in the business.He received his schooling at the University of Connecticut, where he obtained bachelor’s degrees in biology and English. From there, he attended Boston University’s School of Law and earned a juris doctor. Once he finished school, he was employed at the the Thatcher, Profitt and Wood law firm. It did not take long for him to become a partner and a member of the firm’s executive committee. After awhile, his interests shifted and he decided to work in the financial services industry. Blackrock Financial Management brought him on as a principal and he would remain employed by the company until 1997.

UBS hired him as a managing director but he only remained on board for one year. It was at this time that Randall Nardone became a co-founder at Fortress Investment Group. He functioned in this capacity for 15 years. In 2013, Randall Nardone became the CEO of the investment group. Fortress Investment Group has a number of subsidiaries and Nardone has assisted with several. In addition to serving as a co-founder of the main investment group, he also co-founded Fortress Registered Investment Trust. He is the principal and CEO at this trust as well.He is also proud to serve on other boards. Newcastle Investment Holdings has hired him as their vice president and secretary and Eurocastle Investment Limited brought him on board as their director back in 2006.

Alea Group Holdings Bermuda Limited made him their director as well and he has served in this capacity since 2007. OneMainHoldings Incorporated also tapped him for the same role in 2010. All of these positions have allowed Randall Nardone to amass the sort of experience that money simply cannot buy.Fortress Investment Group taps into this experience on a regular basis. Nardone’s expertise extends into the worlds of private equity finance and management. This experience has also been used to his own benefit and he has ascended the Forbes billionaire list as a result of these efforts. With a worth that is approaching $2 billion, Randall Nardone has achieved a ranking of #557 on the aforementioned list. With his experience at their disposal, Fortress Investment Group is poised to continue their growth in the years to come.