Lime Crime Plus Tengram Capital Partners Is A Winning Combination

There has been some big news coming out of the beauty industry. Tengram Capital Partners has acquired the cosmetic-giant Lime Crime. So, what does this mean for the flashy line of cosmetics? To simply state it, Lime Crime’s foundation is already built, and it has already created its customer-base. Tengram Capital Partners will be taking the cosmetics brand to a higher level in which it will receive more growth. In other words, TCP is looking to incorporate a stronger retail presence in which Lime Crime currently lacks. As for the actual products, nothing is going to change. Doe Deere is moving to the Board of Directors, and she will continue on with the creative process. The day-to-day processes of operating the business will go to Stacy Panagakis.

Panagakis is well-qualified to handle these demanding tasks. Thanks to taking over the position of chief executive officer, she will define many more ways for the company to grow. Lime Crime has simply reached its peak in the online sector. It has customers and fans in Singapore, in London and in many other foreign nations. Panagakis will be creating more ways for the company’s customers to buy the products. Lime Crime cosmetics is only being sold in a handful of retail stores. This is why Tengram Capital Partners was implemented into the structure.

What makes Lime Crime so different from other beauty brands? Well, this particular company has a knack for creating some of the most mystifying blend of colors, including red velvet, pansy, utopia, Zenon, black velvet, pink velvet, cashmere, cement, faded, bleached, riot, rave and many more. Every color of the rainbow is being represented to the fullest and there are plenty of unique colorful hues to choose from. The names of its eclectic hues are as eye-catching as its actual colors.

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