How Has Dr. Clay Siegall Played A Role in Fighting Cancer

Are you interested in the fight against cancer? Do you follow the latest breaking-news on this particular subject? Have you ever heard of a man named Clay Siegall? To put things into better perspective, Clay Siegall goes by many different titles thanks to his educational background. Since he has a Ph.D in Genetics and a B.S. in Zoology, we’ll refer to him as Dr. Clay Siegall for this article. Dr. Siegall is also referred to as a scientist as well as a businessman. He is the biggest reason to why Seattle Genetics is at the pinnacle of the industry.

Seattle Genetics epitomizes the term “revolutionary science meets transformative-cancer therapy.” The Bothell, Washington-based company is one of the biggest job producers in the Pacific Northwest, and it’s worth an estimated $9.5 billion. Seattle Genetics has made the Forbes list yet again, but this time it has been listed as the 88th position for the most innovative-growth companies in the nation. Dr. Siegall’s knowledge and experience has worked wonders here from day one. Though the small startup business struggled in its earlier days, it is now an international player in cancer research. Dr. Siegall has won numerous industry-related awards such as:

  •  2012’s Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year
  •  2013’s University of Maryland Alumnus of the year for Computer, Math & Science
  •  And many more

From doctorates to undergraduate degrees, this guy has them all. In addition to the greatness, one of the best features from this extraordinary guy is that he holds 15 medical patents. By retaining the patents, Dr. Siegall is able to predicate his company’s future and that speaks volumes. There should never be a question that asks what has this man done for cancer research because his extensive resume says it all.