How Dr. Mark Mofid Treats Those Seeking Plastic Surgery

Dr. Mark Mofid has a plastic surgery practice in La Jolla, California which is just outside of San Diego. He is board-certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as well as the American Board of Plastic Surgery. His office includes a dermatologist, who is his wife, two surgical technologists, and a longtime nurse. His clinic has an accredited surgery center. He also offers laser services like hair removal. His office sees several thousand patients each year.

Over the course of his career, Dr. Mark Mofid has seen a number of technologies introduced in his industry that he says flamed out. This included fads, he says, such as laser fat treatments, Endermologie, and thread lifting. Rather than jump on board on every passing technology he says that he instead sticks to what works when it comes to technology. There are technologies that are tried and true that he says results in a much happier patient after the procedure has been performed.

In addition to performing surgeries in his own practice, Dr. Mark Mofid is also a staff surgeon at a number of hospitals in the area. Some of these are Palomar Medical Center, Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, and Scripps Memorial Hospital. He also teaches his profession at the University of California, San Diego Division of Plastic Surgery.

One surgery that Dr. Mark Mofid is very skilled at is buttock augmentation. He started performing this type of surgery in 2008 from one of its most skilled practitioners. He went to Ribeirao Preto, Brazil, in order to be trained in this surgical procedure from Dr. Raul Gonzalez. Dr. Gonzalez has been performing this type of surgery since 1984 so there was no one better for Dr. Mark Mofid to learn from.

After performing this type of surgery a number of times Dr. Mark Mofid said that there were some frustrations he had to deal with, namely that each time he had to cut down the size of the implants. In order to solve this problem he invented his own named the Low Profile Round Gluteal Implant which has solved this problem for him and other plastic surgeons.