Elysium Health is Known for One Thing–Basis

Supplements are intended to help humans live healthier lives, to state their purpose simply. However, many claims made by the researchers, distributors, manufacturers, and marketers of supplements go unsubstantiated, as the organizations that sell them choose not to pay millions of dollars – more likely, tens of millions of dollars – to finance clinical trials that substantiate the claims they make.

Elysium Health is a researcher, creator, and manufacturer of a supplement that is changing the supplement game. Their sole supplement, Basis, recently underwent a clinical trial that proved exactly what Elysium Health thought it would. Let’s dig into this assumption, how it was proved, and more about Elysium Health and Basis.

About Elysium Health

Elysium Health was formed by two entrepreneurs in the field of health science and a researcher named Dr. Leonard Guarente.

Dr. Guarente works for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – yes, the prestigious MIT – leading its Glenn Laboratory for the Science of Aging as its director. With so much hands-on experience in health science, Dr. Leonard Guarente was confident that Basis would do what he thought it would.

What does Basis do?

While Basis serves several functions outside of sustaining and promoting cellular health, its central function is performed on the molecular level.

Basis consists of two chemical compounds that either occur naturally in the human body or yield chemicals that do, in fact, occur in the human body’s cells. These two substances are nicotinamide riboside – which creates nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, which is found in virtually all living cells on the face of planet earth – and pterostilbene, which is directly found in the human body’s cells.

Every cell in the human body contains nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide – also called NAD+, the positive sign meaning it’s charged with two extra electrons, causing it to hold a positive charge – and pterostilbene. The former, NAD+, facilitates the transfer of electrons to other molecules in cells. Once it passes electrons on, it becomes NADH, the reduced form of the compound.

Pterostilbene’s functioning relies on the presence of nicotinamide riboside. When the coenzyme NAD+ is found, it essentially “lubricates” pterostilbene so it can spread proteins – called sirtuins – throughout cells and within them. Pterostilbene promotes the longevity of small organisms, allowing them to live longer than their counterparts without stores of the substance.

How can consumers buy Basis?

Elysium Health offers Basis on its website, where consumers can find it as low as $40 for one month’s supply, given they purchase into a subscription lasting one full year.