David Osio leads his company in developing a new Application.

David Osio is one of the most developed entrepreneurs in the finance and real estate industries. He has been recognized by the business fraternity for the success of the companies that he established. His enterprises include Davos Financial Group, where he currently serves as the CEO. The firm has been prosperous, and it has gained recognition in the Venezuela and South America regions. Mr. Osio has been ensuring that his business penetrates both the local and international markets. The firm has been developing branches in cities that have developed economically, and they include New York, Geneva, Lisbon, and Panama. The products and service that his company provides have the ability to address the investment requirements of the customers and offering reliable investment platforms. Davos Financial Group has employed professional who are highly experienced. Its expertise is in providing solutions such as banking, property supervision, corporate planning, and development of investment portfolios.


The Davos Financial Group is a big company that is made up of various independent branches. One of them is the Davos Real Estate Group. The primary service of the firm is developing great plans for assisting investors as they capitalize in the United States’ real estate business. The professionals that have been employed by the company have fully devoted themselves to ensure that its goal is reached.


The firm has been developing fast, and it recently announced the launch of a new cell phone software that is known as the Davos CAP Calculator. The release was led by David Osio and the directors of the company who included Gerard González and Pablo Bausil. The new application that the firm created aims at offering information to the clients about the United States’ real estate business. Mr. Gonzalez was made to be in charge of the development of the application. He supervised the technicians to ensure that they create an effective program. The software will empower its users to determine the possible profits that they might make if they capitalize their money in real estate.


The application has been developed to be up-to-date, and therefore, it can be downloaded to smartphones that use Android and iOS operating systems. Davos Real Estate Group said that it would be launching other programs that will be serving different roles in the real estate business. An example is the Mortgage Calculator that will be designed to determine the cost of acquiring a house on loan.

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