Cotemar: The Mexican Jackpot

Oil and energy industry is one of the most prominent and rich industries in the world. To Mexico, oil companies serve a huge role in the economic boost of the country. There are plenty of companies in the industry, yet none of them beats Cotemar Mexico. The company lies along the ambience Gulf of Mexico. The company, began in 1979 in Campache State has shown that with age comes experience and mastery of the art.



The values and ethics at Cotemar are some of the things that pushes the company into beating its competition. The management sets training for their employees to be taught and reminded the company’s ethics and mission, which is to use the cutting edge technologies to exploit and execute their processes. Employees are encouraged to communicate their ideas and any issues that may arise with their management, a way that encourages good relations between employees and their management.



The company offers a wide variety of services ranging from offshore maintenance and remodelling to transport. For transport the company has sophisticated ships and other luxurious vessels to their clients that grant them a grand leisure time. the company has a pool of professionals that ensure that there is exquisite accommodation for the guests. They are provided course meals, recreational facilities and laundry services.



The leadership and management at Cotemar understands that it is through their employee’s commitment that they are able to serve their clients. For that reason, the company puts their employees first and makes sure that they have all they need. The company provides training sessions that enable them adopt and learn more skills which are of course reflected on their career growth. Moreover, they are taught the use of equipment and safety precautions to protect them from minor and major accidents that may occur as a result of negligence.



Cotemar is all about environmental and community sustainability. For the environment, the company makes sure they incorporate plans that are friendly to the environment. When it comes to the communities they work around, the company organizes conferences and fairs that invite students from both college and university levels and experts in various fields to talk and interact. This benefits the people interested as they gather knowledge and skills from the annual trainings. Besides, the company is a huge employer and makes sure that they help eradicate the joblessness in the country by being an equal employer.


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