Chris Burch; Succeeding in Business and How to Woo Investors for Your Startups

Research shows that investors value entrepreneurs who are willing to learn more than the general business acumen. As such, they are willing to back entrepreneurs who have a particular knack for business as they can easily be mentored. This is because most investors believe that time, as well as expertise, is more valuable than money. Therefore, they prefer investing in companies that accommodate their involvement as well.

Background Data

Moreover, a research study by Global Startup Ecosystem Report indicated that New York is predominantly the second most significant and most influential city for successful startups. While this is highly expected, it is factual that the rating is based on how competitive the area is in terms of projecting successful business opportunities. As a result, it has become increasingly vital for entrepreneurs to find a viable angel investor or better yet, a venture capitalist to facilitate the growth of a brand.

Understanding Types of Investors

Well, the significant difference between the two types of investors is that while a venture capitalist is willing to part with more money, an angel investor is only willing to part with some substantial amount of money. Either way, an entrepreneur can decide to settle for more than one angel investor as all too often, angel investors can be easily convinced. Whichever the case, here are a few tips to land you a viable investor;

Be Simple

When it is time to pitch your startup before the angel investor, be precise and straightforward. You can even assume that you have about six seconds to pitch and convince the panel because most investors are not only busy want to attend to the next startup manager. Concurrently, remember to have all the notes on your fingertips as your prospective investor will always want to know what you can offer in return.  For an additional article, check

Overcome Your Setbacks

Life has its challenges, and in business, these challenges crop out every time as well. For example, your investor might say no. Instead of wallowing in self-pity and disappointment in such moments, delve into an ocean of better ideas that can attract the next investor.

Describing Chris Burch

Christopher Burch is a serial entrepreneur and the engine of many brands including Burch Creative Capital and Tory Burch. Also an active investor and the co-founder of many businesses, he has always devoted time and expertise to enhance the appearance of various brands. Currently, he applies his marketing skills to empower emerging entrepreneurs in multiple industries.

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