Challenging The Status Quo; Whitney Wolfe And Bumble Taking Stereotypes By Storm

In a world filled with lots of gender stereotypes, Whitney Wolfe has taken it a life goal to help women overcome the gender misconceptions, some of which can be discriminating or offensive especially in online dating. She does not give ear to what other people expect her or her dating site Bumble to be doing or expected to do.

Whitney Wolfe co-founded the dating site which allows women to make the initial contact and is its CEO. Bumble is based in Austin, Texas and follows after her previous dating app Tinder, with which he fell out with the co-founder amid sexual harassment claims.

The experience served as a stepping stone, and though the case was settled and forgotten, Whitney Wolfe learned some important lessons which she took with her to Bumble. Bumble was born after a lot of resistance from her to build another dating app. She had the idea of Merci, a social site for females only based on good behavior, kindness, and compliments. With the encouragement of her husband Michael Herd and Badoo CEO Andrey Andreev who offered to finance the company, she started Bumble.

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Bumble does not have engineers as all of the technical work is done in Badoo’s London offices, and Whitney Wolfe admits, had it being for such arrangements, Bumble would be lagging behind. With over 30 million users currently, the company is doing well in less than five years it has been around. According to her, the lack of development in close proximity has enabled Bumble team to build and be creative, allowing the brand and their message to drive the product.

Branding allowed Bumble to become a lifestyle brand in itself instead of relying on connections to move their product. She aims at cementing Bumble roots on affirmations and positivity by constantly asking herself how to have different touch points in a user’s life, how to talk to them on social media, and how to make them special.

To make it a real-life experience and one people are not ashamed of, Bumble opened a physical space in Soho neighborhood, New York, located between Balenciaga and Versace.

One thing to note about Whitney Wolfe is that she is seeking to address real problems digitally. Apart from allowing women to make the first move, something that was not previously socially acceptable, the company has banned gun pictures in its site to condemn violence prompted by the Stoneman Douglas School shooting. Bumble and Whitney Wolfe have changed the status quo of some of the things that the society failed to deal with appropriately.

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