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Kim Dao Discusses the Differences Between Visiting and Living in Japan

In a new video, Australian Youtuber Kim Dao talks about her experiences living in Japan and explains the differences between the visiting Japan for a short period and working or studying in Japan for an extended period of time. According to Kim Dao, one of the main differences is financial, as most tourists save up a significant amount of money so that they can enjoy their vacation. However, with the high cost of living in Japan, Kim finds herself sticking to a strict budget.


Another big difference is the language barrier. Kim Dao says that while it is possible to survive in Japan without knowing Japanese, if you are going to settle down for any length of time, it’s well worth the investment to learn even if you don’t get beyond beginner or intermediate Japanese.


Unfortunately, Kim Dao observes that it can be quite difficult for foreigners to make friends, especially outside of the university environment. This is because most new friendships are formed through social circles, not through chance meetings. One way around this is to use language apps that match up English-speakers with Japanese people who want to improve their English skills.


For tourists visiting Japan, Kim Dao has some very specific advice. She recommends that those traveling to Japan make sure they exchange their money into yen at home and not wait till they arrive. The rate offered at airport currency exchanges is abysmal, according to Dao, and locations are not easy to find. It’s best to plan well in advance.