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Julia Jackson; Upholding the Legacy of Jackson Family Wines

Julia Jackson is the youngest daughter of the late Jess Jackson, the founder of Jackson Family Wines. In 1987, her mother established the Cambria Estate Winery and has run it by herself ever since. The courageous way her mother lived and worked in a male-dominated business inspired the young Miss Jackson who considers her mother to be her role model. In 2014, together with her sister Katherine, they founded the Cambria Seeds of Empowerment; a non-profit program that seeks to inspire other women to follow in the footsteps of warrior women who have overcome the hardships of life. The organization is currently supporting women in Tanzania and Myanmar.

Julia Jackson attended Scripps College where she studied Bachelor of Arts, studio art. Her passion for art comes out in her watermark paintings found on each bottle of Cambria wines. The paintings are her way of honoring recipients and women who exemplify the spirit of Seeds of Empowerment. She also has a certificate in General Management from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

In 2015, the company launched its leading Sonoma County wine in the United Kingdom. At the end of the first tasting session, Julia Jackson acknowledged that Sonoma’s Verite has consistently received high scores from wine enthusiasts. However, Julia argued that the Cabernet stands a chance of being the best wine in Sonoma. She proved this by pointing out that the recent investments in the Sonoma have indicated other people’s growing interest in Sonoma’s high-end Cabernet.

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The Jackson’s family wines have some wine brands in its wine collection. Cambria is a brand of wine produced in California. The vines plantation is in Santa Maria Valley. Barbara Banke, Julia Jackson’s mother and the chairperson of Jackson’s family wines manages this winery. Other brands include Spire Collection and Calina.

Lime Crime News

In this day and age, you can find many individuals who dare to be different and set apart from others. A big area you will find this in is the makeup and fashion industry. There are those who love a simple look on their face followed with a classy outfit. You also have those individuals who like to start their own trend with a bit of a wow factor. To them it is all about being loud and proud, and catching one’s eye with glamorous looks. For these set apart individuals, the perfect company was created for them by someone who also dares to be different.


Doe Deere is not your ordinary person when it comes to makeup looks. She is all about bold, being different, and expressing yourself through loud and vibrant colors. Unfortunately, there are not many makeup lines that offer such wild colors that she was looking for. Doe Deere decided to do something about it and created her company known as Lime Crime. One of the big things that sets her company apart from others is that all of her products are animal friendly. No animals were used for the testing of any products which is a huge plus in today’s world.


Loud colors are exactly what Doe Deere intended on creating. She was not sure how well others would take to her idea, even those who liked to live outside the box. However, when her first products hit the website and stores, it took off like a rocket. Lime Crime is perfect for those who want to make a bold statement and express themselves loudly with color. All of her colors are bright and beautiful; from loud blue lipstick to or neon pink eyebrow pencil, you will find it all. Doe Deere even found those who like a simple look testing out her products and come out of their box. Her goal is to help provide quality products allowing you to stand apart and be different. Lime Crime will do exactly that, and you can do it all and set your own trend guilt free.


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