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Talk Fusion Takes a Big Stride in the World of WebRTC

Talk Fusion is the leader in video marketing solutions and equips its customers with the ability to enhance their marketing efforts. Talk Fusion offers it’s customers the ability to have live meetings, video chat sessions and prepare unique and engaging vide emails and newsletters. In today’s technologically advanced society, it’s important for businesses to make sure they are keeping up with customers’ busy lifestyles. And the best way to reach these busy individuals is by technology so that they are always easily available while on the go.

Talk Fusion has just announced a great breakthrough and some very exciting news for the customers and the company. It announced that it will be utilizing the all new WebRTC feature for it’s customers. This new technology will allow users to experience a higher quality, faster and more enhanced ability to reach customers through video marketing. WebRTC will employ seamless synchronization, a more instant recording time and a faster playback. This is a huge achievement for the company because it will gives its users a better interaction with their customers and will allow for simpler video engagement. The picture will be clearer and allow for better communication between the customer and user.

The founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reiner is very excited about the new launch of the new feature. Current users will have access to this new feature right away and can begin using the WebRTC on current video marketing efforts. Bob Reiner is very proud of where the company has grown to today. Talk Fusion just recently received the “WebRTC Product of the Year 2016” award from Technology Marketing Corporation. One of the neat things about this company is the fact that they offer a completely free 30 day trial. A credit card number is not needed to sign up like most trial opportunities call for. This company is all about providing a pleasing experience for its customers and wants potential customers to see the value that video marketing can bring to a company.