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Dr. Jennifer Walden Balances Life And Success

It was at a young age that Jennifer Walden knew what field she wanted to go into. She has the support of her parents as well to seek out her goals for success as well, her mother being a surgical nurse and her father being a dentist. For schooling, Jennifer Walden went on to attend the University of Texas, where she earned her degree in biology. Following this she went on to the Texas University in Galveston and earned her MD. Once she completed her schooling and training, Jennifer relocated to New York because she was accepted into a fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. With this, Jennifer ended up staying in New York for 8 years, becoming Dr. Sherrel Aston’s associate.

At this point Jennifer was going to be a mother, which ended up convincing her to move back to Texas. In 2011 she went back to Austin so that she and her children could be closer to the family. Having kids and being close to family has taught Jennifer that she needs to work to balance her successful career and her time with her kids and family. The demands for a top surgeon as well as being a single parent is not easy, but Jennifer doesn’t give up. The move also helped her advance her career even further, as she is now a leading plastic surgeon within Texas.

The number of successful women working as plastic surgeons is low, so her level of success in the field is testament to character and work ethic. Jennifer is happy and take great pride in her recognition as a leader in her field. Being able to balance a successful career in a rare field for women as well as maintain a good household and connection with her family is a dream for many.


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