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The Chainsmokers Want You to Open Their Latest Album Memories Do Not Open

The EDM DJ group The Chainsmokers has risen in popularity in the last few years with their skill as song crafters. The EDM genre (electronic dance music) has become more main stream as of late. The Chainsmokers have managed to clearly set themselves apart from the rest of the EDM groups. The duo is made up of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The two of them have put a considerable amount of themselves into their songwriting. They do vocal tracks for most of their songs, which is unlike many EDM groups. They’re well known for songs like: #Selfie, Closer, Roses, and Don’t Let Me Down.

The Chainsmokers have a new album that is a bit like a Pandora’s Box of thoughts from the Chainsmokers. It’s the darkest EDM genre songs that the duo have put together. The two combined their disdain for social media over controlling people, news outlets overstepping or claiming wild accusations, what fame has done to them, and people becoming distant from each other to craft each of their songs.

The top tracks from Memories Do Not Open are: Somebody, Everybody Hates Me, and You Owe Me. The full track list is: Something Just Like This (feat. Coldplay), Paris, Young, Honest, The One, Bloodstream, It Won’t Kill Ya ( feat. Louane), My Type (feat. Emily Warren), Last Day Alive (feat. Florida Georgia Line), Break Up Every Night, Don’t Say, and Wake Up Alone (feat. Jhene Aiko). The full album is available from Spotify, iTunes, Vinyl, Amazon, and Google Play.

Somebody is about the Chainsmokers discovery on what fame means. They visualized what it would mean and acknowledge that it is somewhat what they expected. At the same time there are parts to it that they don’t enjoy. The adverse side of fame has made them see what and who truly matters. “The only thing that I can’t afford is to lose myself, trying to be somebody.” is part of the lyrics from Somebody that shows that they are at a point in their career that they know what the positives and negatives are to their fame.

Everybody Hates Me is a commentary on people not really understanding one another. They observe in the lyrics that we “know” people through social media. This creates this barrier that doesn’t let us really know each other. The phrase like everybody hates me is repeated while discussing wanting to go out drinking tequila with friends and feeling like no one really knows you still.

You Owe Me takes digs at news crucifying people unchecked and even when something is untrue. Pall and Taggart state that the news only “owe me” when their pulses are gone. This is in reference to news outlets often only saying nice things about people once they are dead.

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