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Keith Mann Launches a Scholarship Program to Increase the Number of Needy Students Graduating from College

Keith Mann publicized Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship via business Wire on January 25, 2016. The Professional Achievement Award will recognize business leaders who are using their innovative skills to implement better performing business ideas. Keith Mann is set to collaborate with Uncommon Schools, a charter manager headquartered in New York City in the implementation of the scholarship opportunity. One graduating student from high schools headquartered in Brooklyn will be funded to pursue the college education.

Joe Frick expressed his gratitude to Keith and Keenly Mann for spearheading the implementation of the scholarship program at Uncommon Charter High School. The program will enable one graduating student to achieve his or her college education dream free of charge.

Application procedure

The applicants must have passed their high school examination. Additionally, they will have to explain how they will use their college degree to achieve their professional goals as well as better their community by writing a 1,000-word essay. The application opened on Feb 29, 2016, and will close towards the end of March 2016. A total of $5,000 will be issued to one winner to help him or her pay for college tuition.

Keith’s goal

Keith is a strong supporter of quality education and an active philanthropist. He aims at identifying talent in young entrepreneurs, cultivating it, and pairing them with established firms. Mann said that his intention was to support the efforts of Uncommon Schools of helping needy students to graduate from college and succeed in their professional career.

Background Information on Keith Mann

Keith Mann has an experience of more than fifteen years of working in the executive search industry. He is a specialist in hiring strategy, hedge fund compensation, as well as staffing. Previously, Mann served as Dynamics Executive Search Managing Director and specialized in recruiting for global financial companies. In 2002, he discovered that the search community under exploited the growing market, and he proceeded to launch Alternative Investment Practice that operated under the control of Dynamic Executive Search. Keith Mann ventured into private equity industry in 2006 and founded Dynamics Search Partners in 2009. Currently, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Dynamic Search Partners.