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“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” a take on American Politics

This March, Sean Penn, the famous hollywood actor, released a fascinating book called “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” The book has been considered hard to follow, and absurdist at times. Sitting down with Trevor Noah and Vogue Magazine, Penn says that the book is meant to discuss “the dark side of human nature” and is meant to look at the current state of American affairs. The book seems to take Penn’s critique of American policies, and create a satirical story around them. The main character is Bob Honey, an angry American, who has a side job of killing older citizens with a mallet. Bob feels that these people are standing in the way of the progress of the country, and that he is helping the country greatly.

Along with Bob’s unique actions, Penn explains to Noah that Bob experiences real events that have happened in America. Bob witnesses the 2016 presidential election, and later even writes an angry letter to the president “Mr. Landlord” in which he tells the president that he is not fit for office. According to Penn, the book is meant to highlight the idea that many Americans feel a desire to serve their country, even if they have no purpose or direction in doing so. This likely explains why Bob goes on these murder sprees in the hope of helping progress. This may even resemble a deeper premise, as Penn leads on, that democracy can have its dark side, in which people can be drawn to a fascination to fascism.

Aside from talking about the book, Penn lets Vogue and Noah into his life a bit. He talks about his anger at President Trump’s comments on Haiti and other developing countries. He also goes into his unique friendship with the late Hugo Chavez, and talks about the issues the country has been facing since his death. Penn then critiques the war on drugs, and mentions that his interview with el Chapo was crucial for him to understand it better.