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How Tammy Mazzocco Does Real Estate

When Tammy Mazzocco was the secretary for a small commercial real estate company, she did not think that she would ever be a successful real estate broker herself,  . Then when she move on to the management of a condominium project, she may have had an inkling, but not really until the manager of the project helped her get her real estate license in 1995.

Once she had her license she dabbled in the real estate market, but still was acting as a part-timer when she worked as a licensed assistant to a very successful broker with RE/MAX, . It was then that she say how the real estate business could be a good thing for her to do herself, and she went full time in 1999.

Today, Tammy Mazzocco has her own real estate practice in Central Ohio in Licking, Franklin, Deleware, and Fairfield counties. She said on Ideamensch that she is in a business that she loves which gives her all the freedom to expand and make as much money as possible.

The real estate market in 2016 was a good one as there were lots of jobs in Central and Northern Ohio, so people were in a house buying mood. In mid-November there a sudden housing shortage appeared, yet there were still buyers. The market slowed down however due to a lack of inventory to sell.

Tammy did not spend time worrying over the turn of events in the market because if you are a seasoned realtor, you know that markets go up and they go down, and you just have to keep doing what brought you to the dance. Tammy says that the real estate business is really a people business, and you have to work with the people to get the business. Once people get to know you, and like you they will buy from you.

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