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Casten May Be The Dem That Defeats Roksam

Though you’d have to go back to the era of Nixon to find the last time a Democrat won the 6th Congressional District in Illinois, 2018 presents local progressives with their best shot in recent memory at getting rid of embattled congressman Peter Roskam who is beginning to look more and more vulnerable by the day. While it’s been over a decade since Roskam has even had a nail-biter type election, the Democrat’s candidate this go around is bringing unprecedented excitement to the largely suburban district. His name? Sean Casten.

Casten is a young up and comer who presents a clear alternative against the stale and abrasive style of Roskam. Additionally, Casten has been endorsed by End Citizens United which is an influential grassroots organization focused on ridding our political system of the spread of special interest and corporate PAC money. By campaigning against dark money in our elections and with the support of the hundreds of thousands of small-money donors that support the ECU, Sean Casten has the tools to make a real upset bid against Roskam. In fact, in the 2016 election the 6th Congressional District actually voted rather emphatically for Hillary Clinton (she garnered 50% to Trump’s 43%) showing that the district, much like the state of Illinois as a whole, may be trending more blue than ever. Another thing working in Casten’s favor is the competitive gubernatorial race that is sure to drive voters out to the polls in droves. And if we’ve learned anything over the past few election cycles it’s: when Democrats vote — they win!

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Another interesting trend sure to lend optimism to 6th District Democrats is the success End Citizens United has had in backing candidates so far this cycle. Doug Jones in Alabama and Connor Lamb in Pennsylvania are just two of the examples of a Democrat who was widely considered the underdog but was able to pull out a victory. At this point it goes without saying that the policy position of being against special interest and corporate monies is a winning formula that may be the “boost” Casten needs to vault his campaign over the finish line.

As mentioned earlier, the 6th Congressional District in Illinois will never be a cakewalk for a Democrat. However, Sean Casten’s campaign is brining the fight to Roskam at every level — and it is exciting to watch. With the help of ECU and other like-minded progressive groups, there is no reason to believe the Blue Wave won’t be coming to the suburbs this November!

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George Soros’ Once in a Lifetime Return

Salary and Dominion in the Hands of George Soros

It remains one affair to bear a man with money, but it prevails another to bear a man with money and power. Not only can he choose to proceed with what he desires, but he also attains the resources to conduct the action itself. George Soros’s following benefit from having a man like him who is not only affluent and influential, but also healthy minded when it comes to representing the Democratic Party in politics. George Soros, proposed to be one of the wealthiest investors in the world with a net worth of 25.2 billion U.S. dollars, is a Hungarian-American business attraction. He is acknowledged for supporting and seeking an open society within the realm of America politics. Soros once stated, “I give away something up to $500 million a year throughout the world promoting Open Society. My foundations support people in the country who care about an open society. It’s their work that I’m supporting. So it’s not me doing it.” Soros and his alluring wealth is solely for the people, and not himself. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

George Soros’s Recent Arrival

For a while George Soros escaped to becoming undercover in the business and political world; his giving remained at a minimum low. People assumed Soros and his career had either vanished or retired. But, as of 2016 and the upbringing of Hillary Clinton campaign that theory began to evolve quickly. It may have been Soros’s 25-year friendship with Clinton or his respect for the Democratic Party that prompted him to donate over 25 million U.S. dollars to the Clinton Campaign and other running Democrats.

With Accomplishment Follows Affliction

As Soros becomes more of hero and political figure every day, he stands firm in the position he believes and fights for. Donald Trump charged Soros with “doing the work of Isis.” Soros replied separately, “Now that I have called you on your false accusation, you are using additional smear tactics.” When one is a true supporter of a necessary cause, the opposing side is bound to lash out with hostility and hatred.

George Soros Continues His Spur of Generosity with the Ferguson Protest

One would assume the largest donations to the liberal protests would be (supporters of) victims like Michael Brown, Alton Sterling, or Philando Castile. However, a 33 million U.S. dollar donation to activist groups sprung out of Soros’s pocket to the surprise of many business parties. He quoted, “When I had made more money than I needed for myself and my family, I set up a foundation to promote the values and principles of a free and open society.” Soros’s donation came directly from his Open Society Foundation according to recent tax forms. Learn more about his profile at

George Soros’s History of Grants

To a seven year who checks underneath his pillow after losing a tooth, 20 dollars is a lot; to a seventeen year old who is struggling to save for future college expenses, 20,000 is a lot; but, to Soros, who gives his money to reasonable causes frequently, donating a little less than 20,000,000 dollars a year is no big deal because in 2016, records show he donated that amount in total.

Charles Koch Warning to Donald Trump

Politics never seizes to amaze the world. Politicians themselves like Donald Trump have pulled a surprise campaign amazing the whole world. This may be the reason why Charles Koch does not seem to see eye to eye with the Republican presidential aspirant, Trump. Koch, who is considered a wise head in politics for being in the industry for long, seems to be having a point when he warns Trump.

However, details are still sketchy on the specific reasons why Koch had to warn Trump. However, experts are not taking this statement lightly. Koch who is a conservative donor notes with bitterness that Trump presidential aspirations may not come true. He compares Trump with George Wallace or Perrot. This means terming him as a fringe candidate. Nevertheless, Trump does not seem aroused by these statements as he has not made official communication to Koch.

Koch has not only been pushing for moderation on how the politics of the day are run but he presses for a shift to a politics of ideas. Some years ago, he funded the start of Cato Institute. This is because he believes in a politics which will not just divide votes. The ideas include education, commercial liability, public pensions, taxes, welfare, regulation and policing. According to him, the country would run better with such ideas on the forefront.

Koch, who is 80, is an American businessman who has also turned a philanthropist. His life has also been centered in politics. This is marked by donation to different political initiatives. He is a co-founder plus chairman to the board of Koch Industries. He also serves as CEO in the company which deals with manufacturing equipment to help fight pollution. His company comes second by revenue among the private companies in the United States. He supports different education based initiatives. Koch, who is a controversial plus powerful political figure, attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His net worth is $43 billion.

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Venzuala’s Emerging Crisis Leads to Attack on Opposition Political Leader

Venezuela has seen months of political turmoil and unrest, which is why opposition leader Jesus Torallbera was not particularly suprised to be attacked while he was talking to reporters on Friday, April 29th.
While he was talking to El Venezolano reporters, he was approached by a small group of men who began repeatedly punching and kicking him. Reportedly some members of the crowd egged them on and tried to convince the men to start shooting, but fortunately for Torallbera they did not have guns, and only used their hands and feet. It is unknown who the attackers were or if they had been hired by one of Torallbera’s opponents in the government.

Torallbera was in relatively good spirits after the attack, and pledged to continue to fight for his cause and his supporters. Despite being a little bruised and beaten up, Torallbera was able to joke with reporters after the incident. He joked about them not even messing up his hair. Torallbera is bald, and the joke according to David, one of his supporters, was a sign that the leader, who does not have a bodyguard and used his own self defense skills to protect himself, was not phased by the incident.

As unrest continues to grow accross Venezuala in response to the growing food lines and the looming energy crisis, incidents like this may continue to grow in number. Hope is that the crisis will be resolved before the situation grows out of hand.

Charles Koch: A Man Of Contradictions

1888 Management, LLC is Charles and David Koch’s latest enterprise, created to help the billionaire brothers invest their fortune in companies. Originally operated by Koch Industries’ treasury department, 1888 is now a corporation licensed to do business in California, Florida and Kansas. Trent May, portfolio manager of 1888, is seeking companies where the Koch brother’s investment will give them a major stake in the company.

In his book Good Profit, Koch explains his Market-Based Management philosophy, where he attributes helping others to improve their lives as the reason for Koch Industries’ success. For Koch, the philosophy works very well, Koch Industries is the nation’s second-largest private company, responsible for well-known brands like Northern bathroom tissue and Dixie cups.

Charles Koch is a man of contradictions; he is very wealthy, nevertheless, he’s concerned that America is headed toward a two-tiered society consisting of the very rich and the permanently disadvantaged. Koch Industries benefits from government subsidies, yet Koch is against corporate welfare. Koch runs a flourishing business, however, he supports programs that help low-income people start their own company. While he has dealt with the courts over lawsuits against Koch Industries, Charles Koch had the best legal representation money could buy, yet he truly understands the problems poor people face with the criminal justice system. In the end, Koch shows that he is a fair man, concerned about people who never had the advantages that he enjoyed early in his life.