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The History of the Growth of OSI Group McDonalds

OSI Group McDonalds has grown into a fully Global, privatize corporation which has ties to one of the largest restaurant chains in the entire Globe: McDonalds. It started out with a couple of German immigrants in the Chicago area who were proficient Meat Distributors that made meat for a burgeoning McDonald’s at its youth, in Des Plaines, Illinois, under the leadership of Ray Kroc. As McDonald’s grew, so did OSI Group McDonalds. And now currently, David McDonald who is the Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group McDonalds has spent a great deal of time laying the foundation for OSI Asia, which carefully integrates the Taiwanese and Chinese culture into the supply chain for some of the meat products in the Asiatic and Pacific areas. More about of OSI Group McDonalds at Forbes

On top of all of this, In 1975 the now CEO of OSI Group McDonalds Sheldon Lavin changed the name from Otto and Sons in order to become more globally available and professional in appearance. This move, in combination with entering other world markets besides North America, have propelled this group to the top of the food chain (literally). But family is also a large Focus for OSI Group McDonalds, as stated by David McDonald himself (who got a degree in animal Sciences from Iowa State University after growing up on a farm his entire life). “It is important to note that, within OSI, we value family. Our people and our customers are viewed as family. The products that we make should be good enough to serve to our respective families proudly.”

In terms of European food market acquisition, this private company has been able to acquire the Baho group out of the Netherlands, and the Creative Foods Europe group as well. These key acquisitions were paramount in the growth of European markets for the group.



I’ll have a large order of fries with that

OSI Industries is taking your order. As one of the largest food companies in the world, OSI Industries is taking the worlds order with a big smile and thank you very much.

Food is pretty important here on Earth. I’m sure we can all agree with that. Providing for the global need for food is a task that is taken very seriously by the people at OSI Industries. Since the early days when they began as a small family butcher shop to today, the family values, which are responsible for the success, are still there.

The beginning of the company is perhaps the greatest success story in all of creation. The partnership between the founder, Otto Kolschowsky and Ray Kroc of McDonalds fame was the beginning of the greatest brand in human history and continues, of course, to this day.

Since those days long ago, the growth of Otto Kolschowsky’s original vision has been staggering, and has resulted in a worldwide operation capable of meeting the demand for new and innovative food products for an ever growing population hungry for more.

Not only does OSI Industries meet the demand, but also meet and exceed standards for quality. Production and distribution has also become a model to be emulated and they forge ahead every day expanding to new areas such as chicken production, which is growing rapidly. With the acquisition of Amick Farms, OSI Industries has become one of the largest meat production companies in the world and they continue to grow.

Diversity in selection and services is what sets OSI Industries apart. Providing innovating ideas in presentation and packaging and delivery is again, making OSI Industries great. Whether it’s a large restaurant chain or a small local grocery store, many great products are being made to order for all. And since we all eat, and variety of choice is important to us all, having such a choice is keeping everyone coming back for more.

OSI Industries has crossed the threshold into greatness and has grown and developed the resources which allow them to express their vision in food production to a great degree, and the results show in their quality of product and the great people they employ. The people of OSI Industries are the heart and soul of the whole operation, and they love taking care of all of their customers. And the customers take care of them too.

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