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How to Earn Money in Upwork

Understanding Upwork

Upwork is a global freelancing platform which helps freelancers from various fields such as writing and graphic design to start off their careers. It makes it easy for potential employers to post projects, communicate with professionals and get paid for doing freelancing jobs.

You can start off slow but after you get a grasp of it, you will build valuable experience and make it work for you.

Making money in Upwork

It can be hard to start off and make money in Upwork for new workers. The following tips will help you start off and make money.

Set up an eye-catching profile

A robust and eye-catching profile will sell you off to potential employers. Here, you are required to fill out the specific areas of your expertise. Include a description of your background. Make sure your profile is complete and if possible, include links to your portfolio. Set your preferred rates and make sure they are reasonable. Now, you will be set to start connecting with employers.

Submit proposals

Submit proposals to work that you qualify using Connects, tokens. Consider carefully the jobs you submit proposals for because connects are few in a free account. Remember to accompany the proposal with relevant samples of your work, if any. You can highlight specific experience you have so that you can stand out and sometimes, if you are new, you will need to do volunteer work.

Before applying for a job, do a research on the potential employer and find out the employer’s reputation.

Set your preferred rate and start working

You are supposed to set your hourly rate and it is worth noting that for the first $500 you earn from an individual client, upwork will charge 20% service fee. Afterward, the fee will reduce gradually. You should negotiate for a good pay with your client. For hourly work, you can utilize Upwork’s Work Diary and you will be paid for every hour you work. For fixed-price work, payment is released from escrow after your work is approved.

Get Paid

Hourly tasks are billed weekly. Payment is made through PayPal or direct to bank transfer. In case of any issue surrounding payment, you can launch a dispute and Upwork’s dispute process will handle it.

Upwork is a platform that makes it easier for you to find projects to work on and get paid for it. You should submit proposals carefully and you are good to go.