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Jeremy Goldstein – Improving Company Relations Through the EPS

Jeremy Goldstein is affiliated with a lot of big time corporations such as Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and Verizon among a few, to whom he provides counsel on how the management should tackle the EPS that also encompasses some incentive base pay programs. He also offers a comprehensive view on the proper utilization of pay programs that are based on employee performance, which are currently being implemented by the corporations.



Since the financial success and continuity of a company is dependent on many issues, having to handle them altogether can be a taxing job. Hence, Attorney Jeremy Goldstein who has been practicing law for quite some time in New York often saw that when the employee and employer battle legally over such issues, the outcome is a losing end for both parties involved.



According to Jeremy Goldstein, incorporating the EPS has many positive results, which primarily depends on how it is handled by management. On the part of investors, the EPS is a volatile factor that affects their profits and shares when it comes to the prices of stocks. The stock prices are what stimulate shareholders to either sell or hold on to their shares. The stock prices also give the companies leeway to give an increase on the incentives they are currently giving their employees. Recent researches reveal that including the EPS within the total payment scheme of the company is bound to be more lucrative – profit wise.



While the preliminary outlook on the EPS may seem beneficial, it is essential to also look at the unstable traits of shares and trading times that allows companies to manipulate the EPS and take advantage of the situation.



Individuals and groups who are not in favor of the EPS reason out that high level executives may just shrug their shoulder s and pretend not to notice that something may be amiss within the financial structure of the company. These can lead to the assumption that CEOs and high ranking officials of the company are provided some concessions whether the parameters relevant to EPS are considered or not. Thus, the outcomes may not be precise. To make it clearer – executive leaders can influence the prices of stocks/shares by inflating or drastically reducing it and affects the investments of shareholders. Such tactics are illegal and deceptive.



Other individuals who are not pro-EPS say that the parameters involved are only best on a short-term run. Meaning, EPS does not create any conceivable profits which can contribute to the expected growth and profit reinvestment for a longer period of time. Further, pay packages that are performance-base are quite unpredictable and unstable. Financial specialists recommend that investments should primarily focus on long-term ends to give companies more time to build up their stock values. Learn more:



Jeremy Goldstein is a sought-after lawyer in New York who can provide legal services on EPS and other related employer-employee issues.  Learn more: