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Madison Street Capital Up For Prestigious Awards

The financial industry is all about serving the needs of clients. All financial firms aim to offer superior service that can help anyone discover the right way to invest their capital properly. In this crowded field, certain financial firms stand out. Certain financial firms have proven time and again that are truly dedicated to serving the needs of their clients and helping them to create a nest egg. In order to show people which firms can be trusted with their funds, the M&A Advisor has created a series of awards that help demonstrate the specific achievements that are rare in this field.

A Finalist For Awards

This year, those who watch the financial industry were not surprised to learn that one firm, Madison Street Capital, has been nominated for awards for excellence in the field of finance. As reported in, Madison Street Capital has been nominated as a finalist for one of the most respected awards in the industry. Their nomination as the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year is one that recognizes the company’s devotion to the needs of their clients and determination to offer the services that today’s investors need. They were also nominated in another prestigious category. The International and Industrials Deal of the Year has been a nomination for them in the very competitive field of deals that are under $100MM. This nomination is one that offers recognition for the role that Senior Managing Director Karl D’Cunha played during the much vaunted acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. by the leading firm of Dowco, an industry changing deal that is expected to help increase market share and offer something for all involved including many consumers.

A Leading Firm

Madison Street Capital has been in the field of financial advise for nearly twenty years. During this time, company officials has been offering the kind of expert advice that their clients need to be competitive in the world today. With their assistance, firms have been able to create mergers and acquisitions that have helped them grow and expand into new markets. The professionals at this firm know that each company has specific needs and business plans. They recognize that all firms are different and need assistance when it comes to managing the capital markets properly. Focusing on the middle markets, they offer strategic investment banking advice that takes into account both national and intentional markets. This is why they have offices in places around the world including Africa, North America and the expanding markets of Asia where many of their deals are made. Thanks to their help, clients have been able to discover the kind of expert advice they need to serve their own clients well.

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The Success of Martin Lustgarten in Investment Banking

Banking industry features different types of banks that provide distinct financial services. One of the most fundamental types of banks is investment banks. There is a huge difference between commercial banking and investment banking. Majorly, investment banking focuses on raising capital for businesses that do not want to be trapped with commercial banks. They seek to source financing and get a stake out from endeavors of the business.

Without investment banking, many companies would be in chaos. Businesses operate in dynamic and complex platforms where companies acquire or take over from other businesses. In such scenario, it would be very difficult to complete transmission without neutral people to oversee the process. Investment banking features investments bankers who play a vital role in guiding the companies during such process.

Pursuing career in investment banking could see a person earn six-figure salary annually plus other benefits such as disbursements and cash payout. However, it takes more than a good schooling and connections to make it as an investment banker. Hard work, determination, and honest define an investment banker.

Though most investment bankers start their career as an analyst and work their way top, a sharp look at successful investment banker put great emphasis on customer satisfaction. A good example of a successful investment banking success story is Martin Lustgarten. He is a true description of well-groomed and motivated investors. He started at small scale, but he has created Investment empire with time. Over the years, Lustgarten has worked on various projects and raised billions of dollars to his client.

Lustgarten is the CEO and Founder of LUSTGARTEN, a leading investment bank. The firm is headquartered in Florida. Under the leadership of Lustgarten, the firm has grown and expanded to global platforms, where it has formed partnerships in Singapore, Panama, and Hong Kong. Due to the reputable firm records, Lustgarten has created long-lasting relationships with the business community, which has translated into large clients’ base from various industries both local and international.

One critical factor that has allowed Lustgarten to record a notable level of success is his ability to put his clients’ interest first. Every client is viewed as a true business partner; thus, clients’ objectives are treated as Lustgarten’s goals.

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