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NewsWatch TV understands how PR really works: SteelSeries review

When SteelSeries was looking for a company to help them promote their internal headphones and electronics business, they looked to NewsWatch TV for their wealth of experience in the field. With NewsWatch’s help, the promotion reached over 95 million households all across the United States.

NewsWatch TV prides themselves on making the experience easy for their clients. According to NewsWatch client SteelSeries, it was “quick and easy… a seamless process.” Founded in 1990, Newswatch has over 25 years of experience in broadcasting both informational and paid content. Paid content must meet their standards of practice, so viewers can be confident that the products being promoted are worth their salt. The companies can also be sure that their promotion will be handled by a hard-working team of professionals with years of experience in public relations. In marketing, the adage “any news is good news” does not hold true, as anyone with experience can attest. PR firms must be sure that the content is reaching the right people at the right time with the right message. Luckily, SteelSeries confirms that “they understand how PR really works.”

Though NewsWatch TV does include paid segments, it originally started as an informational network and still holds true to its roots. The program features news broadcasts in the field, original interviews with relevant celebrities, and editorials on financial markets and products.

Companies can be certain that their content will be promoted in a professional way. Viewers can be certain that the information is relevant and accurate. In any case, NewsWatch TV truly delivers.