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Thor Halvorssen: Strength in Numbers

Human rights violations is as old as humanity itself. Virtually every country has had a history of tyranny and unfair treatment. However, humans have come a long way in many cases. A lot of countries have overcome a lot of injustice and are a lot closer to be truly equal in treatment. Unfortunately, there are some countries that are still unequal in their treatment of their citizens. Fortunately, there are activists that are working overtime to put a stop to the injustices of the world. One of them is Thor Halvorssen. He stands out from among the others in the fight for human rights.

One thing that makes Thor Halvorssen stand out from among others is that he is very passionate about what he does. He is also very creative, charming, and persuasive. He fights for people because he loves people. He is also compelling enough to get some celebrities involved in the fight for human rights. Christian Bale, star of The Dark Knight Trilogy among other movies has gotten involved in the fight for human rights. He has traveled to different countries that are not very humane in order to meet with certain people that have experienced the injustice of the country.

Thor Halvorssen himself does not stay on the podium. He actually gets involved in the fight. He puts himself at risk and even takes some of the beatings. He considers this as a part of the job. He believes that activists should be willing to run into the battlefield and take on some of the battles. He is not someone who is going to shy away from any real action. This is one of the reasons that he is taken seriously as a human rights activist. He is also gaining a lot of trust from others that are fighting for human rights.


Thor Halvorssen Leads The Fight Against Autocracy

The Reality Of Closed Societies

More than a third of all humans currently resides under the control of a totalitarian government. For most of those people living under dictatorships, life is heavily restricted and their position in life is firmly locked in place. If you are born poor in these countries, you will almost certainly find yourself in the same social class when you die. Although it is far from the ideal life, few understand exactly how to change their way of life.11)

How Halvorssen Is Standing Up

Thor Halvorssen is an exception to this phenomena. Born in the Venezuela, a country known for corruption and oppressive regimes, he is leading the fight against dictators head on. Through the work he does both independently and through the organizations he heads, Halvorssen aims to make the world a better place. At the risk of his own freedom and life, he stands up to oppression and encourages others to do so. At times this has come at Halvorssen’s own expense, but he doesn’t mind. Leading a worldwide movement comes at a cost Thor Halvorssen is willing to pay.

The Means To An End

Thor Halvorssen seeks to accomplish his goal primarily by inspiring others to take up the cause of human rights. To inspire people he has released numerous documentaries and fictional films depicting the plight of oppressed people around the world. For western audiences, Halvorssen’s film’s expose suffering in the world and promote activism in the developed world, but those living under oppression his films serve as a way to expose their living conditions to the general public. Speaking out against oppressive governments has a tendency to bring about consequences. Thor Halvorssen seeks to protect them from this.

Why Halvorssen Fights

Autocracy has personally affected the life of Thor Halvorssen. He has actually seen family members arrested and even killed because they spoke out against an oppressive government. An end to dictatorships wouldn’t simply mean a happier world. For Thor Halvorssen, it would free his family members locked behind bars and do just for those who sacrificed themselves for the cause.


Thor Halvorssen, A Die-Hard “In Your Face” Human Right Activist

Thor Halvorssen is the president of New York based Human Rights firm. Unlike other prominent Human Right organizations, Thor oversees only 12 activists. However, these few activists have delivered such a powerful punch to dictator regimes around the world that most large HR organisations could only think of. What makes Thor and his activists stand out is their die-hard practical approach to human rights. Instead of sitting in their offices and writing reports, Thor Halvorssen and his team travels around the globe to protest in front of the tyrants.

Perhaps, the behavior is natural to Thor, whose family descended from the line of elite freedom fighters holding prominent positions in Venezuela and Norway. Brought up in Caracas, Thor Halvorseen was trained to rebuke bullies from his childhood. His parents and grandparents were tormented by dictators who inflicted severe punishment and jail-time for standing against the dictatorship. For instance, his father was subject to severe torture in the Caracas prison for voicing against the government corruption related to drug trafficking. Similarly, his mother is still nursing from the bullet wound she received from protesting against Hugo Chavez.

Despite working on almost limitless human rights campaigns of every type, Thor remains infatuated with the “brainwashing” of North Korean citizens and how three generations of Kim have systematically controlled the mindset of millions of North Koreans. In his quest to educate North Koreans, Thor and his team have launched hundreds of balloons with informative literature for North Koreans. In launching those balloons, Thor has to put his life in danger by reaching as close to the North Korean border as possible. Despite mixed results, he is determined to have his voice heard. In the past, Thor Halvorseen has been arrested several times for his alleged involvement in enticing human right activists in Vietnam and other countries.

According to this article in Forbes, Thor Halverseen started his formal career in 1989 by organizing rallies against the South African apartheid. Since then, he is overseeing many high profile projects that include Oslo Freedom Forum and various children right organisations. He currently acts as the president of New York based Human Rights Foundation. He is also actively involved in producing films on human rights.

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Prank Calls Target George Soros Open Society Foundation

The Open Society Foundation has been the victim of recent prank calls. These calls are supposedly an attempt by those who do not agree with their agenda to shut them down. The problem is that these prank callers seemingly do not know how to use even the simplest technology and have been easily identified.

The Open Society is the brainchild of George Soros. Its main objective is to hold governments responsible for their actions. The society further wants to aid in upholding the rights of all human beings as well as assure that no one person or group holds the sole line to the truth. Visit to know more about George.

Soros came from Hungary. When he was a child his family had to flee the country because of Nazi occupation. He grew to go to college in London where he learned a significant amount. He soon moved to New York where he broke into finance and management. Slowly growing George Soros’ experience he eventually made a windfall and became quite wealthy.

Soros sees his wealth as more of a responsibility that a blessing. He feels that his aggregate wealth makes him accountable to others and assuring that their rights and safety are protected. This is one of the reasons why George Soros founded the Open Society Foundation.

The recent prank calls expose one James O’Keefe. On the call he used a false identity. After leaving his message, he did not hang up the call. This is when his plans to take down the society were revealed. He then also goes into depth about using another person’s social media page to get information in order to enact his plan.

George Soros has expressed a lack of surprise when hearing of O’Keefe’s plan. He is throughout the news for offering substantial backing to political campaigns as well as investing millions in hedge funds and then deciding to withdraw his monies. Soros brings with him controversy simply because of his wealth and what he chooses to do with it.

Having founded the Open Society has only brought more attention to himself. Stating that upholding the values of a truly free society where harm and fear are devoid values brings his name to the forefront of many a country and their plights. These plans to shut the society down are obviously from someone who feels disgruntled about George Soros’ involvement in so many high profile issues.

James O’Keefe is a well known conservative. By the tone and words of his prank call he is obviously upset about the level of involvement Soros is making in the realm of world politics. As a well known financial figure O’Keefe probably feels that Soros should not be getting involved in so much. At one point in his call O’Keefe stated on that he needed hundreds of other people to make calls to the society in order to flood them with calls.

Whatever the purpose of the call was, one thing is for sure. O’Keefe obviously does not have a firm grasp on the technology of today. Even his attempt at infiltrating the social media page he left tracks back to his own account.

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Getting to Know the Human Rights Foundation and Founder Thor Halvorssen

The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) is an organization committed to promoting democracy and personal freedom around the world. It does this a number of ways, but largely through the dedication of its founder, Thor Halvorssen.
Established in 2005, the HRF helps promote human rights through principles that were first defined in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. This treaty was adopted by the United Nations in 1966, although it would not come into practical use for another decade. Since its implementation, the treaty has been signed or at least recognized by most of the nations of the world. The HRF is a nonprofit organization that is also committed to avoiding partisanship politics.
The specific goals of the HRF include the promotion of citizen self-determination, freedom of speech and expression, equal treatment under the law and the abolition of slavery and torture. It works particularly hard to free political prisoners and has heavy involvement in areas that are known for serious violations of human rights. It attempts to achieve its goals through an assortment of educational and outreach programs, including seminars and films. In its effort to bring about greater awareness of the nature and vulnerability of freedom, it reaches out to anyone willing to listen, from advocates and national leaders to members of the public.
Thor Halvorssen Mendoza, who is better known by his shortened name, knows very well about the nature of human rights violations.
Halvorssen’s commitment to human rights began with his creation of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, which came into existence five years before the HRF. Four years after the establishment of the HRF, he founded the Oslo Freedom Forum, which conducts conferences throughout the world. Born in Venezuela and educated in the United States, Halvorssen has discussed the subject of human rights in his numerous newspaper articles and television appearances. However, he is primarily known as a film producer. His films include “Freedom’s Fury” and “The Singing Revolution.”