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Sheryl Underwood Gets The Laughs And Loses The Pounds From

In an appearance on the Steve Harvey Show, the comedian revealed she was 5 pounds lighter as a result of the DHerbs Full Body Cleanse.

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She added that she will continue her detox routine even as she travels around the country. The Dherbs Full Body Cleanse can be a part of your life at home or on the road.

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Economy Causes Pregnancy Woes in Venezuela

According to, women in Venezuela are being turned away from hospitals in the country even when they are in labor. Women are being advised to wait until their baby’s heads are crowning so that they do not get sent from one hospital to the next amid the country’s growing lack of medical supplies. Hospitals do not even have basic supplies like antibiotics, latex gloves and blood tests. Making matters worse, almost 85 percent of the country’s first aid stations have been closed because of the lack of even the most basic supplies.

The country is also plagued with a lack of water. The water shortage along with the lack of cleaning supplies has caused a severe increase in the number of women and babies who are getting infections. Last year, at the largest maternity hospital in Venezuela almost eight percent of all babies developed infections. Doctors like David Osio are often refusing to do caesarean operations because the risk of infection is so high.

Inflation rates in the country are expected to reach 720 percent by the end of the year, according to the International Monetary Fund. This hyperinflation has caused stores to run out of price-controlled goods like diapers making residents stand in long lines outside supermarkets waiting for supplies to arrive. Some residents are even forced to wait in these lines overnight. Some people have started buying and reselling diapers at exorbitant prices so many stores are now requiring citizens to show birth certificates before allowing them to buy them.