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Madison Street Capital and ARES Security Corporation

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that is recognized globally. On January 10, 2017, the company arranged minority equity by acting as an exclusive financial advisor to ARES Security Corporation. ARES Security deals with security matters by providing security software solutions comprehensively. The minority capitalization was made possible with the help of Corbel Structured Equity Partners.


ARES Security Corporation provides high-end technological solutions that offer protection to critical assets globally. Currently, the headquarters for Ares Security are in Viena, VA. The company, being a leader in security risk management, safeguards complex systems being used by such industries as nuclear, government, transport and energy industries. The process of identifying an appropriate financial partner is as a result of the presence of a superior board and management at the company. ARES Security, through its President, appreciated Madison Street Capital for with them the previous year. The Minority Recapitalization process entailed conducting the initial due diligence, analyzing valuation and the process of raising capital.


Finding the perfect financial partner requires hard work and working diligently. Ares was determined to work with Corbel so as to structure the investment creatively with the aim of adding equity value significantly. Corbel Structure Equity Partners is an investment fund that manages over ninety-five million US dollar capital. Operations of Ares Security will continue selling significantly because of its flexible capital solutions and a supportive partnership. The Minority Recapitalization process is significant to ARES Security Corporation because it will enable it to significantly increase its sales momentum as well as help in capitalizing on available revenue opportunities.


Madison Street Capital reputation has a strong belief in giving support to more stable businesses within the US. Therefore, the company is dedicated to meeting the needs of its partners and organizations that undertake philanthropic work. The operations of Madison Street Capital focus on identification and resolving issues that are pressing to the US community by bringing changes by entering into partnerships with businesses, schools, financial institutions, voluntary associations and government agencies. Its headquarters are located in Chicago and have offices in North America, Asia, and Africa. The company has several years of operation. Therefore, it has a combined experience of the provision of a full range of financial services.


The professional team at Madison Street Capital possesses the exceptional knowledge, healthy relationships, and experience. Thus, it is one of the premiere firms dealing with investment banking globally. Madison Street Capital is a leader regarding corporate financing an offering advisory about mergers and acquisition.

How IAP Reacted to Hurricane Mathew and Awarding of US Navy Contract

IAP Worldwide Services has distinguished itself from other companies because of the way they are always prepared to deal with any catastrophe. Nowadays, there is an advancement in technology and increased natural occurrences which can ruin people’s life, and this is the reason IAP Worldwide Services has ensured that it has professional and qualified staff that is well-versed with technology. This ensures that they can handle any emergencies that may arise.

With time, IAP Worldwide Services has acquired an extensive client base and expanded its market, and that is why they are keen to offer many services to cater for the needs of different organizations. Recently, it purchased two units; one in Oklahoma whiles another one in Aberdeen, further strengthening its operations.

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The Navy Contract

The company has also clinched a contract with the Navy worth $900 million. IAP was able to win the contract because of consistently providing quality services to different businesses that have succeeded. For instance, the company has been entering a contract with the defense force creating strong ties with the US army; therefore, this is not the first time the company is working with the security forces. It has collaborated with the Air Force since 1996 so the Navy awarded them the contract as a way of appreciating their constant support to the national security.

The agreement enables IAP to offer its support to the Navy regarding infrastructure, maintenance, and other operations. IAP Worldwide Services will also be charged with providing reconstruction services and humanitarian support in case of disaster strikes across the whole world. The company will also support the military during its operations globally.

To show that it is capable of achieving its goals, IAP Worldwide Services promptly responded during the Hurricane Mathew providing aerial, ground and humanitarian support to those who were affected. They deployed experts immediately who moved swiftly to offer support to the victims. During Hurricane Mathew, the company was tasked with a variety of activities such as the provision of a communication system, emergency power and evacuating residents hence fulfilling their contract which they signed with the US Army Corps.

Once the storm hit, IAP Worldwide made a swift action and employed professionals who reactivated emergency power generators. Considering how the company worked hard during disaster strike such as Hurricane Mathew, it will continue to receive favors and win contracts because it performs without fail. The company will keep working with the defense force so as to boost national security and save millions of lives through its humanitarian endeavors.

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