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How Fabletics Used Reverse Showrooming Successfully

Kate Hudson started a clothing company known as Fabletics. This company has made sure to take the fashion industry, in particular workout clothing, by storm. Fabletics offers it’s customers a wide variety of workout clothes that are made with quality at a very affordable price. They are very comfortable, but you definitely don’t sacrifice the style! They are still very stylish. They also hold-up extremely well, are very easy to clean and they don’t fade or lose their shape. They offer the same high quality clothes as their competitors but they offer them to their customers at half the cost.


Fabletics makes sure to focus on their after-sales just as much as they focus on creating new sales. They focus on signing up members for a monthly membership and keeping them happy throughout their membership. When the users sign up, they take a quick survey that gives the stylists an idea of what kinds of workouts they prefer as well as what their style preference is. The information that they submit is used to come up with outfits for them. Their VIP members also get the added benefit of free shipping and even discounts. If they don’t want any new clothing that month, they can skip the month and not pay anything for that month.


Most shoppers still prefer to shop for their clothing in stores. They like the flexibility that is offered in stores to feel different textures, see the different colors in person and make sure that they like the fit of what they are purchasing. However, Fabletics is mostly an online store. Fabletics has become so successful and they have multiple physical stores popping up all over. They give the reverse showroom model credit for their success.


The reverse showroom strategy targets their consumers who look for products online but then later buy them in the store. Fabletics has set-up their websites as well as their local stores in a way that when a customer tries on clothing inside a physical store, the information of the clothing they tried on is then stored in a shopping cart on their website. This has created numerous new online members from customers that were originally just shopping inside the physical stores.


Members also get newsletters that contain outfits that will easily convert to Fabletics sales. They analyze different trends as well as sales from the website’s data and this allows Fabletics with the ability to determine which of their products will sell better than others in different areas. They then will offer those products in their physical stores located in that area. They also have numerous social media accounts where they encourage engagement with their followers. The President of Fabletics, Gregg Throgmartin, made a point that it is a lot easier to satisfy their customers when they are not only aware of what products they want but also when they are aware of their customers themselves. They make sure to know them personally with their surveys and by personalizing their monthly picks by their likes.

So Good You Can Taste It: EOS Flavors Are Ready For Summer

EOS lip balm’s fresh flavors will help you remember that summer really is right around the corner. EOS visibly soft blackberry nectar comes in a lavender sphere and brings the taste of July to your lips at a moments notice. The pale pink Strawberry Sorbet Smooth Sphere is light and sweet with a creamy finish reminiscent of strawberry shortcake on a summer afternoon. If you’re looking for something cooler and more refreshing try Sweet Mint. The bright, crisp flavor reminds us of staying cool when temperatures climb and there is nothing cooler than the matte mint of this Smooth Sphere.

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Like all EOS products, the ingredients in the flavored lip balms are 99% natural. Shea butter and vitamin C and E nourish your lips instantly softening and moisturizing. The flavors are created using natural fruit extracts. EOS lip balms are petroleum free, paraban free, gluten free and phthalate free.  More of this on

EOS lip balm is a product with ingredients you can feel good about in packaging that makes you smile. The candy colored, round containers are designed to be easily found in large handbags. With a huge selection on colors and flavors you can always be sure of having the right lip balm at your fingertips.  For added details,  Check on

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