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Environmentalist Ara Chackerian Reports On An Environmental Effort Going On In China

Ara Chackarian is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. Working as a venture capitalist he has established a number of healthcare firms including TMS Health Solutions which provides services to people who have therapy-resistant depression. Pipeline Healthcare is another company he established through his company ASC Capital Holdings. This company provides telepharmacy services to people across America.

He serves on the board of three other organizations which are The Hatlen Center for Blind, Juma Ventures, and Mint Medical Education. Ara Chackerian is a philanthropist so he was the chairman emeritus of Juma Ventures which works to reduce poverty and provide access to college for young people across the Bay Area.

He is also philanthropically active in Nicaragua. Ara Chackerian owns Limonapa Teak which is a farm that grows sustainable crops. His farm only uses environmentally-friendly agricultural practices and it provides hundreds of jobs in an area that otherwise has a high rate of unemployment.

In a recent interview, Ara Chackerian shared why he co-founded TMS Health Solutions. He said that there are many people, up to half, who experience depression and find out that therapy and medication are not very effective for them. An alternative, transcranial magnetic stimulation, has proven to be effective at relieving their symptoms. This new company has been very successful and is opening offices across Northern California. You can visit their website


As a notable environmentalist, Ara Chackerian wrote about reforesting efforts that are taking place in China. The Chinese government assigned 60,000 of their soldiers to plant trees in the northeastern region of that nation. Industrial pollution has caused massive problems in China because of unregulated and inefficient factories combined with a huge population. The trees are being planted to slow the growth of this pollution.

Ara Chackerian reported that they are now growing trees on 338,000 square miles that have been planted in the past five years. The Chinese government intends to up this pace over the next five years and could plant as much as 600,000 square miles of new forests. The troops planting the trees were reassigned from China’s northern border with Russia. You can follow their Twitter page.


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