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Coal is Down; Renewable Energy is Up

Despite coal’s longtime history with the United States energy department, it may be soon dethroned as the top dog in terms of overall popularity. It has maintained its stranglehold on the top spot for much of the last century but has seen nearly a 10-15% decline in production since the turn of the century.


Climate change has had a big part in the general decline of coal, as President Obama made clean energy one of his bedrock principles throughout his administration. The EPA enacted a Clean Power Plan (CPP), which addressed emission standards and dealing a huge blow to it major offender, coal. With these recent governmental changes, green companies like Stream Energy, based out of Dallas, TX, are making their way to the front of the pack.


Consumers are also to blame for the decline of coal, as their overall consumption has been in a freefall since 2005 as well. As they become more mindful of their usage, they have begun buying more energy-efficient devices in an effort to provide cleaner air and reduce their carbon footprint.


Though Stream Energy is committed to providing a sustainable clean energy source for the foreseeable future, still coal companies have found their way around government regulations by install devices in their factories that “capture” the coal pollution. Those these developments are a step in the right direction, it’s doubtful they will be able to stop the progress that companies like Stream Energy are making towards a cleaner future.


Renewable energies such as wind and solar are paving the way for the energy market and customers are starting to buy into the word-of-mouth advertising that these companies traditionally employ. These newer energies are already dominating in European markets, with nuclear energy also playing a stronger role. As a result, Coal production is going down: almost 22% within the last five years – a staggering number for any industry. View More Information Here.


Companies like Stream Energy will only continue to prosper as the world moves towards cleaner air and a reduced carbon footprint. Gas prices are at an all-time low and other renewable energies are saturating the marketplace, making coal look more obsolete as the years go on.


Stream sells electric and gas services in seven states and Washington, D.C. In 2015, Stream also began offering mobile phone service, Stream Wireless.