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Why Dr. Mark Mofid Champions Brazilian Butt Lifts

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Mofid, MD, FACS, opened his own offices in the greater San Deigo area in July 2004. He received his education in medicine by attending The John Hopkins University School of Medicine. While at this university he completed a fellowship in advanced craniofacial research. In addition to his own practice he is also a staff surgeon for three area hospitals.

Dr. Mark Mofid supports his industry in a number of ways. At the American College of Surgeons, for example, he is a fellow. He also serves as a diplomat for another industry nonprofit, The American Board of Plastic Surgery. He performs both plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery on his patients. He is very attentive to details when performing surgery so that he successfully completes the look that the patient desires.

There’s a type of plastic surgery that Dr. Mark Mofid is recognized as a national expert in. This is known by three names being gluteal augmentation, buttock augmentation, and colloquially as a Brazilian Butt Lift. It’s called this last one because it is a very popular type of surgery for women in Brazil. Dr. Mark Mofid actually traveled to Brazil a number of years ago because the plastic surgeons there are the best in the world at this type of surgery since they do it so often. He took new-found knowledge about Brazilian Butt Lift’s back to America where he uses Brazilian plastic surgeon techniques in his practice.

Dr. Mark Mofid says that Brazilian Butt Lifts are never in the news for good things, rather it’s because some inexperienced plastic surgeon did it wrong and harmed the patient in some way. He is trying to change this perception about Brazilian Butt Lifts because it is misunderstood by the general public and even many of his peers in the plastic surgery industry. He serves as an ambassador for this type of surgery which can be safely performed by those like him who have received extensive training in it. He says it’s a good surgery for any women to have who strongly desires to return to her pre-kids body and profile and more to know click here