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Dealing With Customer Complaints the White Shark Media Way

It is rare, if not an impossibility, to do business in this day and age without generating some amount of customer complaints from time to time. It is simply a part of doing business that must be managed.

Dealing with complaints effectively, however, is what separates the long term players in any given industry from those that go bankrupt in the end.

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency on the rise. They specialize in analyzing the existing online campaigns implemented by a company or organizations and then devising a new plan moving forward that will draw in more unique visitors and traffic.

As they have begun to grow, there have certainly been some bumps long the way that have generated a customer complaint from time to time.

As an agency, they have learned to streamline the way that they effectively deal with such complaints so that they not only retain their current customer base, but that they attract new clients as well.

Communication Is Key

A while back, White Shark Media came to the conclusion that some of their clients felt that communications with their agency simply was not good enough.

They sought after a solution to this problem to ensure that it would no longer be an issue. Realizing that a consulting company such as themselves needed to be in regular contact with the very clients that kept them in business, they began to see into effect a course of action that has largely been effective.

To begin, they started to schedule regular monthly status calls with each client. During this call, a designated representative from White Shark Media reviews a monthly report with the client, issues a call to action forward, and answers any question that the customer might have.

This has already been proven to be effective at retaining clients and improving overall customer satisfaction ratings –

To ensure that clients can always get hold of their designated representative, White Shark Media has also recently implemented a new phone system complete with direct extension.

This means that clients do not have to weed through a myriad of phone menu options just to be told to leave a message. This is yet another step towards improving customer relations.

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White Shark Media continues to redefine what it means to be a digital marketing agency. For any company seeking to get more out of their adwords campaign, this is a consulting firm that delivers results.