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Why Dr. Mark Mofid Champions Brazilian Butt Lifts

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Mofid, MD, FACS, opened his own offices in the greater San Deigo area in July 2004. He received his education in medicine by attending The John Hopkins University School of Medicine. While at this university he completed a fellowship in advanced craniofacial research. In addition to his own practice he is also a staff surgeon for three area hospitals.

Dr. Mark Mofid supports his industry in a number of ways. At the American College of Surgeons, for example, he is a fellow. He also serves as a diplomat for another industry nonprofit, The American Board of Plastic Surgery. He performs both plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery on his patients. He is very attentive to details when performing surgery so that he successfully completes the look that the patient desires.

There’s a type of plastic surgery that Dr. Mark Mofid is recognized as a national expert in. This is known by three names being gluteal augmentation, buttock augmentation, and colloquially as a Brazilian Butt Lift. It’s called this last one because it is a very popular type of surgery for women in Brazil. Dr. Mark Mofid actually traveled to Brazil a number of years ago because the plastic surgeons there are the best in the world at this type of surgery since they do it so often. He took new-found knowledge about Brazilian Butt Lift’s back to America where he uses Brazilian plastic surgeon techniques in his practice.

Dr. Mark Mofid says that Brazilian Butt Lifts are never in the news for good things, rather it’s because some inexperienced plastic surgeon did it wrong and harmed the patient in some way. He is trying to change this perception about Brazilian Butt Lifts because it is misunderstood by the general public and even many of his peers in the plastic surgery industry. He serves as an ambassador for this type of surgery which can be safely performed by those like him who have received extensive training in it. He says it’s a good surgery for any women to have who strongly desires to return to her pre-kids body and profile and more to know click here


Doe Deere And Lime Crime: Bold, Fearless And Empowering.

When many of us put on traditional and safe makeup, we are getting ready to begin our day. It becomes a routine to allow us to look more attractive. Period.


Lime Crime makeup is a totally different and sometimes wild experience, because when you apply their bold and in your face cosmetics, you are unleashing another side of your personality. The pigments are rich and colors out of the ordinary, and Doe Deere wouldn’t want it any other way. She is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime makeup, and she sat down with to talk about her brand’s amazing rise to the top.


Doe Deere began her cosmetics journey in 2008. She launched e-commerce brand Lime Crime to offer women and men another choice in makeup, one that was more daring, unapologetic and fearless. Doe Deere wasn’t sure many would understand her makeup attitude and philosophy, but she underestimated the growing appeal. Today, Lime Crime is a makeup that appears on the street and red carpet. The brand has soared to new heights on social media, with Lime Crime’s Instagram earning more than 2.4 million followers.


Doe Deere tells that she wears her own brand, because she loves the bright, playful colors and textures. She tries out every new item she creates, so she can feel its impact, the mood it evokes and how it blends into the skin. She also works with a lab chemist in developing new makeup. So, Doe Deere is very hands on and quite protective of her independent makeup company. She has worked extremely hard to give pop culture a line of cosmetics that encourages self-empowerment and unique beauty standards.


Lime Crime makeup offers the wearer a head-turning experience. The color palettes are beyond “normal shades.” It’s not unusual for liquid to matte lipstick hues in Squash, Schroom, Cement, Peacock and Alien Green. These colors are hauntingly gorgeous and different with long-lasting, quality pigments.


Doe Deere believes that hair, fashion and makeup are all tied in together and should be fun and full of color. That’s why you often see Doe Deere with playful lavender locks or blue or pink. Doe Deere also likes being a business mentor to her makeup obsessed fans, encouraging them to step forward with courage and carve out their own corner of the world.


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EOS Beats the Odds and Rises to the Top

For years, the availability of lip balm was limited to drug stores. They were packaged in Chap Sticks like drugs and had only two to three varieties from which you could choose. However, a few years ago, a new kind of lip balm from EOS was introduced into the market. It had a broad range of flavors, and with no time, it was available in stores, supermarkets, and shops. The product popularity rose to the top due to celebrity advertisement.

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) is an industry worth over 250 million dollars. The company lists as the second best-selling lip balm industry. This popularity is attributed to time and money spent on advertising. As a matter of fact, an EOS advert can be seen on most ULTA beauty ads and fashion magazines. The company makes a sale of 1 million products weekly. The shift to natural and organic products that are the customers’ friendly has also played a significant role in the company’s success.

Mehra, one of the co-founders said in Fast Company‘s interview that one of the basic things they did was to rethink the Tube. The company and its representatives carried out research in different consumer fields. The results showed that women were the most users of lip balms. It also revealed that women would lose the Chap Sticks for a fancier product. The aim was to ensure that the product was pleasurable during application. They, therefore, combined all the senses and came up with a product that had a better feel to the hands, tasted lovely, and smelled sweet. They came up with a Tagline. The sound the Balm case made when closing was also made appealing to the ear.

Despite having a competitive price, Mehra and Teller say that entry to the market was tough. They, however, landed a lady buyer at Walgreens who helped them launch their product. Later, the major stalls and customers came in. Even online merchants ULTA and eBay soon follow.  The company targeted Millennials by using bloggers in advertising. The company has since, partnered with major players in the market.

A peek into the head of Doe Deere and her world of lime crime cosmetics

One thing that you cannot miss about Doe Deere is her love for flair and especially when it comes to hair color. Doe is also known as a queen of the Unicorns, perhaps because she is also a rare character to find. From purple to hair color, bright lipstick and everything else in between, Doe is everything but conventional. We had a sit down with her to discuss her journey to success and there is nothing mundane about it.

Doe says that she was born and brought up in Russia up to the age of 17. At 17 she moved to New York City and spent the rest of her teenage years there. It is during her 20’s that she decided to move to Los Angeles. When asked whether she has always been ambitious, Doe states that she did not really have big dreams, except that she wanted to be a musician, which was the first thing that she tried the moment she moved to the USA.

She states that she does not regret her days as a musician at all. These are the experiences that helped her learn how to market her brand and also appreciate it when she got support. She is happy that even if her journey to stardom started in music, she is doing well in selling cosmetics. Her first experience with selling a product was back in Russia when she discovered temporary tattoos and started wearing them. When the other students saw them on her, they wanted them because they seemed cool.

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After she moved to New York, she stayed there for 14 years. She says that she feels like this City is her home, especially Brooklyn where she spent most of those years. She also did spend some time in Manhattan. She says that it was also during her first career as a musician that she met her husband and together they learned the art of selling their music. They were both songwriters.

When asked what advice she has for women who are as ambitious as she was, she states that everyone has a special talent and that to succeed in life, they should follow that talent. It is only when a person tunes into what they really love that they are able to achieve massive success.

Doe states that in 2008, when she was looking for makeup in the cosmetic world, every brand was into the natural look. She felt a pull towards bright colors that always make a statement. When she realized that these colors were hard to find, she decided to make them and sell them to people that might share her enthusiasm for color.

She states that for people that like her, like to be out of the ordinary, make up is what gives the opportunity to express herself without the fear that she will be judged. Her line of cosmetics, lime crime has become really popular in the industry and is sought after by many people that like expressing themselves in bold colors.

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Revolutionary Artistry

From a young age, Doe Deere had her own style, and her own way of expressing herself. As an artistic youngster she managed to do this with whatever her precocious mind could come up with using the materials at hand. Her mother’s makeup, odds and ends of clothing, and an imagination that saw no bounds.

The boldness of her looks garnered attention as she began to not only come up with unique looks and combinations of colors but decided to unabashedly share her fashion trials and errors with newfound supporters on the internet in 2006.

By then she had already created her online store brand on eBay, quite by fun coincidence. Back then picking out a memorable handle was the only real focus. Who knew that the quickly created “Lime Crime” would become a household makeup line made popular by those who, like Deere, love to have a unique way of expressing themselves at hand.

Now as a growing businesswoman named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine, she is blazing the trail for anyone trying to present their most true selves. Her days are filled with meetings to broaden and improve products. She has her hands in all developmental stages of each new product. And no product is offered without Doe Deere trying it out herself.

The truly terrific part about her relationship with her clients and customers is the medium in which she began her adventure into business. Today it is how she stays close to those she works to serve. The internet has continued to give her a quick and honest reaction from her customers. Doe stays on top of the reaction to her products, while blocking out the “haters” who comment anonymously with no constructive advice or words.

As for her customers, she hold them is the highest of regards. She states quite plainly that those legitimate concerns expressed will always be handled by her Customer Care Service. To her “unicorns” she wishes to allow them the materials needed to dress up their lives and looks.

In short, this woman has made playing dress up and trying wild fun looks into a career, but not only that, she helps all who wish to join in the fun by continuing to create, listen, and look for the up and coming trends, while creating some of her own.