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Flavio Maluf Explains The Consequences Of Brexit

In 2016, the European Union saw the exit of the United Kingdom from their membership countries. After the successful referendum held in Britain, it became real that their exit was imminent. Across Europe, the stock markets experienced the effect of the exit. The sterling pound was also devalued by the departure of Britain from the European Union. This was one of the biggest crashes ever recorded since 1985. The Brazilian businessman and president of Eucatex Group of Companies, Flavio Maluf, give us the meaning of this exit to the world economy and Britain’s.

According to Flavio, a careful look at the economy of Britain is critical. According to research, the European Union had its success through the help of the United Kingdom. The economy of the country will also be affected by the new regulations that restrict the free movement of people and goods into the country. There will be new rates and tariffs for any extra incoming products and quotas when we look at the European and United Kingdom foreign trade. International trade will experience the adverse effects of the exit. Moreover, Flavio has a positive look at this situation. For the country that enters into trade agreements with the United Kingdom, they will gain through the first monopoly of business with the nation.

The prominent entrepreneur and businessman have also analyzed the departures effect to the exports and imports in Brazil. Initially, there were impairments in extra-nation trades with other countries. These benefits will be impaired due to the limited benefits gained by the two nations.

As a matter of fact, looks at the effect of the United Kingdom from the European Union. Since the United Kingdom had its establishment in other countries, their economy will weaken after the breakage. The economy of France is growing unstable due to the effect of the exit. The only hope for the European Union is Germany. Flavio’s Contribution, being an experienced and successful businessman, is beneficial to the business world. He is also a qualified mechanical engineer. He is considered as one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the country. While he leads the most eco-friendly company in the country, his fortune comes from domestic trades.