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Handy: the on-demand service that will fill the void.

The on-demand service economy has been steadily rising for quite some time now. Many startups are rising and falling before anyone realized it. It’s difficult in this economy and system to grow one of the new on-demand companies and few critics would wrongfully say the entire business is unsustainable, however one company is proving the critics wrong. Handy is an on-demand cleaning service that will break and set a higher expectation. The company has been growing tremendously since its inception and has raised millions from investors and has been able to expand into furniture delivery, Handy Delivery. Handy Delivery debuted in New York City in 2015 has been a fantastic addition to the service raising several million dollars itself and is a service many are keeping an eye on.

Why does Handy have such a grasp on it’s market? Most won’t understand the perplexity of the industry of on-demand services. A careful blend of economics and outstanding business is what makes up a successful service like Handy and Handy Delivery. There exists an approximated 124.6 million households in the United States, all of which require cleaning and furniture. With such a broad customer base its easy to see how the convenience of Handy cleaning can win over hearts.

The largest influence to an on-demand service such as Handy is cost to the customer. By breaking the employee relationship constraint, Handy is able to diminish the costs of services immensely. This attracts customers as it becomes a win-win situation for due to the convenience including the ease of use and the price.

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