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InnovaCare Adds To Their Executive Team As They Work To Make Reforms

InnovaCare Health is based out of Puerto Rico and provides Medicare Advantage Plans to make sure senior citizens in the United States have the benefits that they need with their health insurance. In 2016, they announced that they would be partnering with the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network in order to help achieve the payment reform that many health care professionals have been asking for. When the Affordable Care Act was implemented, there was a lot of confusion in the process and it was made clear that there issues that had to be worked out in the transition.


By working with LAN, Innovacare Health hopes to make sure that their customers are able to continue receiving the health care that they need in an affordable, sustainable, and high-quality manner. When Rick Shinto, the current CEO of InnovaCare joined the company, he brought with him 20 years of experience. This experience has been vital as the company looks to make big changes both within itself and the field of health care in general. Check out



In order to make these payment reforms, InnovaCare Health is listening to what physicians are saying about the process. They understand that changes need to be made and health care providers are able to provide first-hand information about the challenges that they have been facing. Through their efforts, they are hoping to get rid of some of the red tape that comes with health care in order to streamline the process.


Recently, InnovaCare expanded their leadership team in order to serve the needs of their client better. As the leader in the United States for healthcare based in value, they want to solidify this position and believe these expansions will help with these efforts. Peter Zafris joined the company as the VP of Sales and marketing as well as Frank Izquierdo as the VP or Corporate Contracting & Network Development. They both bring many years of experience in healthcare and their talent will be beneficial to the growth of InnovaCare.


InnovaCare is focused on making sure their patients get the care that they need when they need it. They believe that patients should always be the top priority and deserve the best medical care possible. While they are always looking for their organization to grow, InnovaCare believes in staying transparent and being honest with all parties involved. You can follow their Facebook page.



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The Top of the Heap: Louis Chenevert at United Technologies Corporation

Louis R. Chenevert was the President Chief Operating Officer (COO) of United Technologies Corporation in 2006. In December of 2014, he stepped down as CEO of UTC. How was one man named Louis Chenevert able to make United Technology Corporation a legitimate force to reckon with in his eight-year presidency? He was able to bring the company back to prominence by going back to the basics.

One of the main things that Louis R. Chenevert was able to do was bring United Technologies back to what it did best. He focused the company on two main areas. The first area was aeronautics and the second building new things. Chenevert also managed to make United Technologies Corporation very profitable while America was in the grip of recession. He was able to keep most of his workforce in the United States while avoiding the pitfalls of outsourcing.
Under Chenevert’s guidance, UTC was to become a world leader in the innovation of jet engines and building space. The stock price also increased more than two-hundred percent. It went from a paltry thirty-seven dollars a share to more than one hundred dollars a share.
The company was also able to focus on building new things for the aeronautics industry. UTC builds things like flight sensors and controls as well as landing gears, brakes, actuators and most importantly jet engines under Chenevert’s tenure.
One of the most impressive things that Chenevert was able to pull off was that he made a huge company work in a time when most businesses were floundering. Chenevert knows the intricacies of big business. He was able to make United Technologies a behemoth of a business by doing simple things right. He made the company environmentally friendly, kept Americans working and focused his energy on what the company did well. that is the hallmark of Louis R. Chenevert.
The career of Louis R. Chenevert may be over at UTC, but his influence will last in the aeronautics and building space industries for years to come. He knew how to make a big business even better. It all started with basics.

Sam Tabar’s Career Moves Throughout The Industry

Sam Tabar’s career has seen him work in a few companies in influential positions. As head of Capital strategy at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, he introduced fund managers to institutional enterprises like fund of funds, endowments, family offices and foundations. He also managed the capital allocations cycle including fund managers and their investors. Over his employment period at the bank, an over 1250 supplemental rolodex of institutional investors was built. While in this company, he helped in building office teams and consulted on legal operations. Prior to joining Merrill Lynch, he worked for Sparx Group as Co-Head of Marketing. This was the most successful fund in Asia Pacific. This position saw him manage all facets of the marketing effort.

Current Position

At Full Cycle, Sam Tabar is the Chief Operating Officer. Here, he raises funds, scrutinizes legal matters as well as tax related compliance and regulations. Apparel appointed him as CFO owing to his experience and expertise in financial matters.

Legal Work

Sam Tabar was an attorney at Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate&Flom. At Skadden he helped clients learn how to form hedge funds and also investment management. He counseled clients on other matters as well: private placements, employment issues, compliance issues and regulations. He also worked in a similar capacity for Schulte, Ruth &Zabel, but left in March 2014. Privately, he invested in Tribute and also SheThinx: a firm responsible for reinventing feminine hygiene by empowering women around the world. SheThinkx is one of his well-known client as it helps women step into the social world and innovate.


After his graduation from Oxford University, where he graduated with honors, he joint Colombia Law School and was the associate editor for the Colombia Business Law Review. He is currently a member of the New York State Bar. Tabar is a multilingual, speaking both English and French fluently. He has a functional command of Japanese.

Sam Tabar loves music, rowing and enjoys ballroom dancing. He posts on Vimeo, some of the amateur videos he makes at his own leisure. These posts are mainly nature posts. He has a twitter account and is also on Facebook.