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China’s traditional booksellers who still operate out of stores in a physical location have just gotten a massive boost from a company that operates in the same medium that has previously hurt traditional book sales. China’s e-commerce leader is providing some invaluable services to booksellers that are dramatically helping them with their overall sales and efficiency.


With a worldwide drop in book sales that are purchased from actual physical bookstores, today’s businesses that continue to operate in this model are now looking for new ways to continue to thrive. The new service offered from leading Chinese retailer is proving to be instrumental in helping these businesses to expand and innovate in their individual ways.


This is being accomplished by giving them the benefit of JD’s high powered technology and sophisticated logistical network that has helped them to rise to the prominent position of the leader in ultra competitive Chinese sector of e-commerce.. has been exploring a number of new ways to increase is own ability to serve its customers while at the same time helping other businesses with their own. The service that provides, by which small and mid-sized businesses can take advantage of the company’s logistical network, is a truly symbiotic relationship that is being developed between and its partner businesses. This move to aid brick-and-mortar bookstores is the latest in’s moves to continue expanding its own business model through partnership. Read This Article to learn more.


Guangzhou’s Tangning Books is one firm that has particularly benefited from partnering with The bookseller operates two locations offline but is now working closely with, particularly in the area of book replenishment and logistics.


The results so far have been outstanding as Tangning has seen significant growth in its profits since beginning to work with as a partner. There have been countless similar stories in the Chinese small and mid-sized business world as more firms begin to take advantage of being able to partner with and utilize the firm’s outstanding logistical platform.


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Ryan Seacrest’s Career Life

Ryan Seacrest, the famous producer, and co-host has made a name for himself and holds different positions in broadcast and cable television. On the radio, Ryan Seacrest brings you several nationally syndicated radio shows, has grown career wise to become a co-host with Kelly Ripa and joined the Emmy-winning team. As an entrepreneur, Ryan has ventured into different facets of entertainment companies and media. His philanthropic efforts are also noticeable as he embarks on youth-oriented initiatives that have made a significant impact around the country.

On Air with Ryan Seacrest

Ryan has built a reputation on radio through his nationally syndicated show, “On Air with Ryan Seacrest,” a morning drive-time show that airs on KISS-FM in Los Angeles. This radio station is owned by iHeartMedia. Ryan is also the host of the Top 40 Radio Show, another nationally syndicated show.

On television, Ryan is both a co-host and executive producer. He is the New Year’s Eve executive producer, an annual program that airs on ABC. He also hosts Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rocking Eve with Ryan Seacrest, E! Lives from the Red Carpet. Ryan launched Ryan Seacrest Productions in 2006 and had steered the company to exponential growth. RSP has won an Emmy award and is responsible for the scripted, unscripted, and digital programming. Ryan Seacrest Production is responsible for shows like “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” I love Kellie Pickler, Shahs of Sunset, E! Live from the Red Carpet as well as Shades of Blue, which stars Jenifer Lopez.

Ryan Seacrest has also made individual investments in Civic Entertainment Group, a marketing company, Attn. Z news media Company that a which is an emerging media, and entertainment company that is responsible for In Real Life (IRL) YouTube experience.

He has also established Ryan Seacrest Distinction, a menswear line and Polished by Dr. Lancer, a men’s skincare line in collaboration with Hollywood famous dermatologist, Dr. Harold Lancer. Ryan Chairs the Ryan Seacrest Foundation that has established Seacrest Studios in pediatric hospitals in different cities around the country. He also has a longstanding endorsement from Coca-Cola and Ford companies.


The RealReal Shares Their Authenticated Products On Social Media

The luxury brands retailer The RealReal has an active Instagram account where they share products they are selling under consignment as well as quotes from various designers and celebrities. An example of this is a quote from Coco Chanel, ‘My life didn’t please me, so I created my life” and one from Alexander McQueen which is “Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment”.

The RealReal also runs contests on their Instagram account so it’s worth revisiting it on regular occasions. Right now they are offering a very unique Fendi bag that is from their Holiday 2018 collection. To enter people just need to follow their account, like the contest post and tag some friends in the comments, and they have a shot at winning the bag.

The RealReal exclusively sells authenticated previously owned luxury brands. They sell men’s, women’s, and kid’s clothing, watches, jewelry, and home decor. They used to sell their consignment product only online but they have now opened physical stores on the East and West coast. Its founder is Julie Wainwright who works as the chief executive officer. She has extensive experience developing e-retailer sites such as serving as the CEO at

One of their physical locations is in the SoHo district of New York City. Still a privately held firm, The RealReal has raised $173 in venture capital since it was established in 2011. While many retailers are not doing well this company has been successful because it sells authenticated luxury brands at great prices.

Some people have likened shopping with them as being similar to the video game Candy Crush. Each time you find a certain piece it feels like you’ve just made a small accomplishment in your life. Many women now peruse their website on a daily basis to get that feeling on the regular. Experiences Massive Sales Boom During Singles Day Festival, also known as Jingdong had a Singles Day Festival that broke their records this year. They sold RMB 159.8 billion in products from November 1st through the 11th, around $23 billion in American dollars. This was the first Singles Day Festival that Jingdong worked in partnership with brick and mortar retail stores which gave a strong boost to this shopping extravaganza.

Many of the brands sold on Jingdong saw their strongest sales during this festival. This included Pampers, Dell, Dyson, Apple, L’Oreal, and SK-II. The most popular products were from firms based on the United States, Germany, South Korea, Japan, and the Netherlands. The Chief Executive Officer of JD Mall and Chief Marketing Officer of Lei Xu said that Chinese consumers were looking at the quality of products over price. They are willing to pay more for high-quality branded and imported products.

Jingdong’s Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Foods Business Group managed to sell over 400 million products during this festival. They sold twice as much fresh food versus the 2017 Singles Day Festival. sold 29,500 tons of seafood, meat, fruits, and vegetables. 12 tons of the food sold was live lobsters from Canada. High-end smartphones were also very popular with consumers and those sales doubled as well from last year.

Another very popular category of items was from the home and life category. This included small appliances, cookware, home decor, furniture, and similar products. Home appliances and consumer products also enjoyed strong consumer demand.’s focus this year has been on its “Retail as a Service” initiative. They partnered with physical retail stores this year including Walmart China. They are offering their technology, infrastructure, and national shipping chain to these partners. Over 600,000 physical stores now use Jingdong’s technology and infrastructure to entice customers to shop at their stores, including running Singles Day Festival promotions. Go To This Page for additional information.

Jingdong also opened another 7FRESH fresh food grocery store in Langfang, Hebei Province on the date of Singles Day. They were visited by over 10,000 in just the first hour of being open. Other popular stores they operate that were busy on that day include their automated convenience stores.

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Gregory Aziz’s Personal And Career Achievements

The engineering sector is considered to be the most dynamic field since most of its activities depend on developing changes that do things better than what existed before. In this sector, change is paramount. Therefore, in order for any engineering company to be successful, it must embrace change in a positive way. These changes can include making good use of technology in order to help them come up with new inventions that will help their clients get the best services. For several decades, engineers have kept on coming up with new inventions which have made the field to be very competitive like another sector such as the technology sector.



Gregory Aziz’s Achievements in the Engineering Sector


Gregory James Aziz is a successful businessman who achieved a lot in the engineering sector. He has been working for the National Steel Car for than two decades. He is currently playing the role of the chief executive officer of the company which is among the top companies in steal car manufacturing industry in the United States and entire North America. National Steel Car has been able to stay at the top in the industry for many years because of its full use of technology, commitment and also innovations. The company is also best known for its perfect relationship with their clients all over the years it has been operating.


Under Gregory Aziz’s leadership, the company has been able to make more profits due to his effective leadership. Aziz has been able to achieve all the success in the company by strongly believing in the efforts of every employee and constantly motivating them to work towards achieving the best for the company.


Gregory James Aziz has also been able to strengthen the relationship between National Steel and its customers by always making sure that they receive the best services. Gregory Aziz’s, who is mostly referred to as Greg Aziz, leadership has mostly been based on inspiring the company’s employees to be determined, building trust and encouraging all parties to remain committed to their duties always. Visit This Page for additional information.


Gregory Aziz has a strong educational background bearing the fact that he graduated from the University of Western Ontario. Apart from working at National Steel Car for the past twenty-four years, Greg also runs a successful family business which deals with wholesale food. He also has a happy family which he has always been proud about. Greg is also known for his charity activities that he has always participated in.


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Jacob Gottlieb Hints at Starting New Health Care Hedge Fund

Before an insider trading scandal shut down the healthcare hedge fund Visium its assets amounted to almost eight billion dollars. Three Visium portfolio managers were at the center of the scandal. Research conducted by the Wall Street Journal revealed that from 2001-2015 the fund yielded A 14.3% return. From January to May of 2016 the value of Visium’s premier fund dropped by 9.3%.

No charges were levied against Visium’s founder Jacob Gottlieb. A medical doctor who started investing as a teenager. Gottlieb states that he invests for the love of it. During the two years, it took him to liquidate the hedge fund’s assets Jacob Gottlieb received no pay.

The main players in the insider trading scheme were Visium portfolio managers Sanjay Valvani and Christopher Plaford. Valvani received information on drugs the Food and Drug Administration would be approving from former FDA employee Gordon Johnson. Valvani and Plaford used the information to make investments that netted them $25 million.

After being charged Sanjay Valvani was found dead of a self-inflicted neck wound. Christopher Plaford is still awaiting sentencing.

A third former Visium fund manager Stefan Lumiere received 18 months imprisonment and a $1 million fine for mismarking funds. Upon his release, Lumiere will spend three years on supervised probation. His punishment also includes a lifetime ban from ever being employed in the securities industry.

After the dissolution of Visium Jacob Gottlieb formed Altium Capital to oversee his own stock portfolio. Recently, Gottlieb hinted that he might be establishing another healthcare hedge fund.

The spike in the number of healthcare companies going public has Gottlieb thinking the time is ripe for the type of hedge fund he is contemplating. If the new health care hedge fund comes to fruition Jacob Gottlieb states that investments will be based on “thoughtful, methodical research.”

GreenSky Credit quietly files for IPO

The fintech industry has been battered by scandals and spectacular failures of some of the space’s top companies. Firms like OnDeck and Lending Club, which once were among the most highly touted companies on Wall Street, have proven to be sputtering duds. But there has been one company that has stood out above them all, GreenSky Credit.

A completely mature and viable business model

Behind all of the dazzling public relations and corporate sales pitches, the fundamental problem that so many companies in the fintech sector have suffered from has been a failure to develop any kind of viable business model. This is where GreenSky has excelled. The company was founded in 2006. And it quickly became apparent that the GreenSky model was not just viable but that it could also propel the company to ever greater sales through continuous growth.

Now, 13 years later, the company’s business model has roundly proven itself. And GreenSky Credit’s operations are now in a phase of deep maturity. This has been a critical factor in the willingness of David Zalik, the company’s multi-talented founder, to consider going public.

It was recently announced, for the first time, that GreenSky had quietly filed the necessary paperwork to begin the early stages of the IPO process. While some analysts have expressed doubts about the prospects for a fintech company going public in today’s tough market climate for that sector, Zalik has said that the company won’t be facing many of the serious problems that often come with startups that go public too soon. He says that the GreenSky model is completely mature and that the business virtually runs itself at this point. According to Zalik’s estimation, the strong pressures for quarterly performance won’t hinder the company’s future because it is essentially a turnkey operation.

However, if the fintech sector as a whole continues to poorly perform, it could mean trouble for any IPO for the firm. The initial public offerings of companies are often highly sensitive to market conditions, and the poorest conditions can easily prevent an IPO from ever happening. But if the company continues performing as strongly as it has, even macroeconomic trends may not prevent its IPO.

Meet Flavio Maluf, a Prominent Business Personnel

Flavio Maluf is from an established political family. His father is a renowned Brazilian politician who also happens to be a wealthy business person. He is very hardworking and innovative despite coming from an established family. He possesses excellent business skills and has managed to build his own empire in the business world. Read more about Flavio Maluf at

Flavio Maluf is from the famous Armando AlvaresPenteando foundation whereby he graduated which a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has an excellent desire for business and decided to venture into business full time. He was given the responsibility of serving in his family’s business as the top leader in 1997.

Flavio also happens to be the president of Grandfood which is a very big food outlet in the country. He also advises people who seek to join the business industry and have always warned them to proceed with a lot of caution. Many people have the negative notion that owning a business empire means working less and ending more. That is the reason why many ventures do not live to celebrate five birthdays. Flavio believes that it is a myth that people should avoid a whatever cost.

Other people believe that you require to have a lot of capital in order to start a business. That is wrong and Flavio believes that the idea always comes first. There are so many businesses that require less capital and investors must work towards seeking new ways to make more capital. An impressive business idea comes with ideas on how to fund the venture.

Flavio Maluf usually advises potential and active investors to continue working towards improving their skills as well as valuing creativity in business. He believes that working smart is the only way one can survive in business. Flavio, despite coming from a wealthy family believes in helping other people become successful in business.

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Gregory Aziz: National Steel Car And Core Values


National steel car is known throughout Hamilton, Ontario as one of the leading railcar manufacturers in the area. The President, CEO and Chairman, Greg Aziz, has made it a point to make sure the company stays above the competition and consistently challenge themselves and raise the bar. As of this date, National Steel Car is the only North American railcar business that is certified IOS 9001:2015. In addition to that, they’ve been awarded with the TTX SECO award repeatedly for the last decade. Greg Aziz makes it clear that the business does not stay idle in its achievements, but instead continues to push forward and reach for excellence. The value customer feedback and always believe in giving them a voice that is heard. National Steel Car prides itself on listening to customer suggestions to make their company better.

They have a sense of purpose that involves honoring traditions of the past, having determination to move forward and always focusing on quality and excellence. Greg Aziz has an extensive background inside in the investment bank field while working in New York in the late 80s and early 90s. He understands the purpose of team-building, having strong engineering abilities and most of all relying on your team. During its inception, National Steel Car started back in 1912, only beginning with nearly 3500 cars. Now today, the company can probably boast that has moved to working on 12,000 cars annually before the year 1999. They are also a highly devoted when it comes to their employees. In the beginning, employment at the company was around 600 where as today that number has jumped to three thousand individuals working hard towards a common goal.

Gregory J Aziz gives a lot of thanks and support to their list of customers and valuable relationships built over the years. They take pride in working with their many suppliers as well. National Steel Car has 2,000 team members focusing on building the best company national steel car can be. They are geared towards creating and maintaining quality railcars their clients have come to count on and trust. They have a stellar reputation in North America as a leader in the market when it comes to railroad freight manufacturing. Greg Aziz understands the challenges that they face and is always ready to meet customers needs. He also shares that the business is highly involved working heavily within the community.

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Greg Aziz- The Owner Of National Steel Car


Gregory J. Aziz is the President, Chairman and the CEO, Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car which is among the leading engineering and manufacturing of railroad freight car in the whole world. This company is situated in Hamilton, Ontario. Greg James Aziz originated from Ontario, London where he was born on 30th April. Greg Aziz studied at Ridley College after which he joined the University Western Ontario and pursued economics. In 1971, he started working at his family business, wholesale food business.

This business grew a global import of fresh foods from Europe, Central and South America. This happened sixteen years after his intervention. It also had various distributions across the leading fresh food wholesale markets in Eastern Canada and across the United States of America. See This Page for additional information.

Gregory J Aziz then joined the banking industry. After serving on various institutions in New York in the late 1980s and early 1990s, he managed to make significant savings. He decided to invest his savings, and in 1994, he purchased National Steel Car. Greg J. Aziz bought it from Dofasco who used to be the owner. He bought this firm with an objective of transforming it into the best North American railroad freight car manufacturing company.

National Steel Car once used to be the top company in Canada. To achieve his goal, Greg Aziz diverted all his attention on team-building, emphasizing that the company had the great potential in engineering. Through valuable human effort and financial investment, National Steel Car grew and expanded its manufacturing potential from 3500 car to 12000 cars annually by 1999. Gregory J Aziz also created more job opportunities and increased employment capability of this company from around 600 to approximately 3000.

All credit goes to Greg Aziz and his unstoppable desire towards his venture. National Steel Car had great engineering and manufacturing pursuit that highly succeeded. This company is the best in the industry of new car innovation. It has also developed thousands of new railroad freight every year. It is currently the only certified company in engineering and manufacturing of railroad freight car in North America, ISO 9001:2008.

It has dominated this post for the past 18 consecutive years via several rounds of re-certification. National Steel Car had been rewarded consecutively with the TTX SECO since 1996. This the most distinguished award due to its incredibly high quality. National steel car is also highly dedicated towards the Hamilton community. It gives out donations to various organizations in Hamilton for the good of the people.