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Solo Ray’s Business Passion

It takes a special gift to create a business of any kind, and that’s the quality that businessman and entrepreneur Sanjay Ray has. Ray has many successful business ventures to his credit, including London-based Solo Capital. More recently, Ray has become involved in charitable work, which is the purpose behind his rock and roll fund raising entity, Autism Rocks.

Autism Rocks was launched in response to the anguish Ray felt upon learning in 2014 that his young son had the disorder. Ray decided to take action, and to use his passion for music as well as his feel for business to launch a charity that could make a difference. Thus began Autism Rocks, which is now working hard to raise funds for research into the neurological condition.

In a recent talk with Eric Dye on the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio Show, Ray advised young businesss people on what the key points are when starting a company. One of the most important factors, he said, is to know how much money you really need to get things started. He said it is always more than you think, so it’s important to be realistic about what is required.

The other important factor, he said, is to know that you really can’t to it all yourself. Trying to take on all the work can be overhelming, he said, and mistakes will inevitably be made. Given all of this, it’s important to have a lot of talent in place in order to launch successfully.

Ray used all these concepts when he launched Autism Rocks, and he is proud of the team behind the charity. Autism Rocks recently did a major rock and roll event in April of 2016, and the lineup included top acts like Flor Rida and Tyga. The good news behind all of this is that the success of Autism Rocks is turning into more money for research for this very important cause.