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Farron Bernhardt Is Appointed To Serve As The CEO Of A Leading Assisted Living Community


The Manse on Marsh, a senior living community located in San Luis Obispo, has announced Farron Bernhardt as its new CEO. Having served the assisted living community for 30 years, Farron’s is expected to enhance operations at the facility. Bernhardt served as the vice president of Nevada Housing and Neighborhood Development. His success in managing the facility’s assisted living is unrivaled. The new CEO is known for his excellent management skills. His ability to collaborate well with residents and the staff is a perfect match for the award winning senior living community, The Manse.

Bernhardt said that the facility’s great reputation has attracted many client. He could not contain his joy for being honored to be part of the community. Bernhardt looked forward to working with the team and residents. He intends to raise the standards of the facility to ensure that it tops the senior living community industry beyond the Central Coast. Chris Skiff, the owner of The Manse on Marsh, pointed out that the appointment of a professional such as Farron reflects the company’s commitment to providing quality services. Chris was hopeful that the new management would influence the residents of Manse positively. This information was originally mentioned on No Animals Left’s website as reported in the link below

About The Manse on Marsh

The Manse on Marsh is a modern assisted living community that offers broad assisted living care services to families, as well as tons of activities for residents. Residents of The Manse enjoy a wide range of social activities, which enhance privacy, independence and safety. The facility has studios, single-bedrooms, apartments and cottages. Leaders of the facility ensure that residents are well taken care of and happy. Residents enjoy transportation services, open dining, maid and laundry services, private personal help, and proper care from the nurses.

The community has a team of highly trained caregivers and medical technicians. Apart from accepting long-term stays, describes how the Manse also hosts residents who wish to stay temporarily or those who are seeking for better healthcare. Temporary residents can also access full services. In addition, residents are given pendants that allow them to contact staff whenever they need assistance. The facility provides private check-ins for residents to ensure that they are living comfortably. This information was originally provided on The Manse’s website as provided in the following link