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Beneful Wins First Place for Cuteness

Everyone loves dog commercials, and Beneful dog food delivers the cuteness! The commercial of “Becky & Einstein” for Beneful Originals, is a personal favorite. In the commercial, Becky brings her adorable corgi Einstein to the park for an interview. Beneful gives Einstein such tremendous confidence that he believes he can jump and catch a bird. The cutest part is that Einstein insists in wearing his “power tie” to the interview.

In a more recent commercial for Purina Beneful Break-N-Bites, a beautiful chocolate lab describes his tricks for getting more than one bite. If the lab sits and looks cute for his owner, he will earn two bites. If he wants all four bites, he needs to let a baby sleep on his belly. Any commercial that has a baby and a chocolate lab together, wins the first place trophy for cuteness.