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Marketing Campaigns Go Better With Mullen Lowe Brazil

Effective and clear marketing is the key to attracting new customers, especially when it also solves problems that matter to them, according to José Borghi. Borghi is a marketing expert at Mullen Lowe who often emphasizes that all marketing content must apply to people personally in order to enroll them successfully as a customer. Having relevant content builds trust in a brand. The most-trusted brands become true market authorities, leading to the signing of a service contract and purchase of products. Borghi is Mullen Lowe Brazil’s top marketing guru.

Building successful online marketing campaigns requires a particular skill set and definitely some important strategies must be driving everything. Launching an ill-conceived plan in too much of a hurry is the road to loss. Your business success depends upon presenting your company as real, with a big heart for your customers. Jose Borghi talks about ‘content marketing’ being used effectively with ‘inbound marketing.’ He advises new business owners to take on such new ideas in marketing, not yet taught in most business schools. He is also quick to point out that having a good marketing strategy is only the beginning.

According to Borghi, informing the consumer clearly and effectively is the path to having customers commit to your products and service plans. Borghi Founded his company as Borghi Lowe, which is now called Mullen Lowe Brazil. He recommends have marketing in a company’s website that looks clean and smart while promoting your brand effectively. The website should have a blog that is regularly updated, whether text or media is used in the content. The blog needs to be captivating, of specific interest, and as original as possible. The presence of great content is just the beginning, however. All E-commerce sites at must also be optimized for easy discovery by consumers. This Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important, perhaps even more so than any other element in the company’s online marketing strategies and content.

The advertising agencies that Jose Borghi has operated in Brazil have been successful, at least in part, because of his application of his winning marketing principles and strategies. He advises digital entrepreneurs to become knowledgeable of their target audience. He also points out that good timing is another important component. The current social trends often dictate what consumers will respond to, so Borghi suggests developing marketing strategies after studying what major events are happening on social media.