Casten May Be The Dem That Defeats Roksam

Though you’d have to go back to the era of Nixon to find the last time a Democrat won the 6th Congressional District in Illinois, 2018 presents local progressives with their best shot in recent memory at getting rid of embattled congressman Peter Roskam who is beginning to look more and more vulnerable by the day. While it’s been over a decade since Roskam has even had a nail-biter type election, the Democrat’s candidate this go around is bringing unprecedented excitement to the largely suburban district. His name? Sean Casten.

Casten is a young up and comer who presents a clear alternative against the stale and abrasive style of Roskam. Additionally, Casten has been endorsed by End Citizens United which is an influential grassroots organization focused on ridding our political system of the spread of special interest and corporate PAC money. By campaigning against dark money in our elections and with the support of the hundreds of thousands of small-money donors that support the ECU, Sean Casten has the tools to make a real upset bid against Roskam. In fact, in the 2016 election the 6th Congressional District actually voted rather emphatically for Hillary Clinton (she garnered 50% to Trump’s 43%) showing that the district, much like the state of Illinois as a whole, may be trending more blue than ever. Another thing working in Casten’s favor is the competitive gubernatorial race that is sure to drive voters out to the polls in droves. And if we’ve learned anything over the past few election cycles it’s: when Democrats vote — they win!

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Another interesting trend sure to lend optimism to 6th District Democrats is the success End Citizens United has had in backing candidates so far this cycle. Doug Jones in Alabama and Connor Lamb in Pennsylvania are just two of the examples of a Democrat who was widely considered the underdog but was able to pull out a victory. At this point it goes without saying that the policy position of being against special interest and corporate monies is a winning formula that may be the “boost” Casten needs to vault his campaign over the finish line.

As mentioned earlier, the 6th Congressional District in Illinois will never be a cakewalk for a Democrat. However, Sean Casten’s campaign is brining the fight to Roskam at every level — and it is exciting to watch. With the help of ECU and other like-minded progressive groups, there is no reason to believe the Blue Wave won’t be coming to the suburbs this November!

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