A Trendy Future with Chris Burch

Burch and Bob, his brother, begun Eagle Eye while Burch was still studying at Itchica College for his undergraduate degree. The business grew to an enviable $165 million before being sold. Chris Burch has since invested in various industries and is today an authority in entrepreneurship. He has business in technology, real estate and fashion. Presently, Burch is head of Burch Creative Capital, a venture that has multiple portfolios like: Cocoon9, Ellen DeGeneres, Nihiwatu and Poppin.



According to Christopher, both fashion and technology experience changes from time to time. These two industries look to each other even as they change. Technology considers what is fashionable and fashion considers what is technologically savvy. It appears that these industries are joint at the hip and therefore move together to capture the market. The past trends coupled with the present guide the industry into the possible look of the future.



Before and Now



Remember the boom box of yesteryears? Consider how the same progressed to the trendy Walkman of the late 90s. The boom box would allow owners to play cassettes and also record on another of its decks. This celebrity gadget was replaced by the then sensation, the Walkman. The Walkman had a good run, but as all technologies are fated to replacing, it was replaced by today’s iPod. Technology is therefore subjected to the trends and fashion experiences of a particular period.



Clearly, technological synthesis is unstoppable. AnoukWipprecht believes that technology allows for experimenting. The more one familiarizes themselves with it, the more they are exposed to ideas. Anouk brings together technology and fashion.



The Future



What future changes fashion inspires is entirely debatable. New technological advancements propagated by Anna Haupt looks to improve the travel experience for riders. Today, riders are encouraged to wear helmets when riding their motor bikes. The helmets are so confining hence riders do not get to see their surrounding well. The new design, by Anna, will see riders wear an air-bag like collar which inflates in the event of a collision.



Today, fashion and technology is coming together to make energy. Soledad Martin plans to create shoes that can capture enough kinetic energy to charge one’s phone, watch or mp3.



Great Team



There are multiple occasions where technology and fashion partner for great results. People tend to support a venture if it is promising. Google Glass, for instance, failed to show promise until it was partnered with Diane Von, a fashion icon, and showcased by models.